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Save Time On Research and Writing
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Kevin Smith – Export to Mexico

Background about Camelina Oil

• Camelina is a cooking oil that is extracted from a type of oilseed called
“camelia sativa” (Health Canada, 2019)

• Camelina oil is high in polyunsaturated fats, and low in saturated fats.
This helps control blood cholesterol and avoid heart disease

• Camelina oil is rich in vitamin E, omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids
(Bitty, 2012)

• Its high vitamin E content provides stability and long shelf life of 12
months without refrigeration (Robertson, 2018)

Business Opportunities

• High butter prices encourage consumers to switch to edible oils in
Mexico (Euromonitor International, 2019)

• Trade Commissioner Service of Canada states that agriculture and
food offer the highest opportunity for Canadian companies when it
comes to exporting into Mexico (2019)

Research Objectives

• To identify the comparative features of the
products currently existing in the Mexican oil
market and areas of use and market shares of
such brands in order to outline the most
effective marketing strategy for camelina oil

• To determine average monthly disposable
income and average monthly spending on edible
oils of Mexicans in order to form the most
suitable pricing and promotion strategy in

• To identify and analyse key supply-side and
demand-side trends in Mexico when it comes to
“healthy” cooking oil, and forecasts on market
trends and growth in order to provide clear
anticipations on the sales prospects for camelina


• Secondary sources:
• Statistics Canada, Industry Canada, Health Canada
• Governmental regulations on food and oil market
• EuroMonitor International’s reports
• Other reliable sources

• Primary sources:
• Online surveys an questionnaires with consumers and food businesses to find

out consumers’ and restaurant business owners’ preferences and

• In-person interviews with the representatives from the consulates and Trade
Commissioner Service of Canada to collect export advice and information.

Implementation Plan

Four main steps are decided upon to implement the research:

• Initiate Research to Analyze the Current Consumer’s Demand of Oil and Average
Income in the Country Based on Secondary Data: 1 week (15%)

• Design the Survey Question Addressing Health Perspective of Cooking Oil that
Consumers are concerning about: 2 days (10%)

• Data Collection: 5 days (40%)

• Data Analysis in Accordance to the Secondary Data Obtained in Step 1: 1.5 weeks

Maximum time: 4 weeks

Estimated budget: 11,000 CAD

Data Analysis
Consumer Preference

Data Analysis

Data Analysis
Purchase Frequency

Data Interpretation

• The Mexican society is cost-sensitive when it comes to edible oils.

• The Mexican consumers care about smoke point of oils for barbecue,
thus they might prefer camelina oil to olive oil.

• With CPTPP and CUSMA, this research will be valuable in providing
helpful suggestions for Canadian businesses to take advantage of
Mexico’s culinary camelina oil market.

Business Recommendation

• Three Farmers should launch its camelina oil with the best pricing
strategy, not too high comparing to other oils in the market.

• A campaign highlighting the health benefits and nutritional value of
camelina oil would be beneficial.

• Three Farmers should take advantage of trade pathways being built


• We plan to conduct market research and determine market potential
to export culinary camelina oil from Canada to Mexico.

• With CPTPP and CUSMA, this research will be valuable in providing
helpful suggestions for Canadian businesses to take advantage of
Mexico’s culinary camelina oil market.


Bitty, M. T. (2012). Dickinson Sold On New Cooking Oil. Financial Post. Retrieved from

Euromonitor International (2019). Edible Oils in Mexico. Retrieved October 7, 2019, from

Health Canada (2019). Camelina Oil. Retrieved November 16, 2019, from

The Canadian Trade Commissioner Service (2019). Trade Commissioner Service – Mexico.
Retrieved November 17, 2019, from https://www.tradecommissioner.gc.ca/mexico-

Three Farmers (2019) The Three Farmers Brand. Retrieved from http://threefarmers.ca/brand

Robertson, J. (2018). Camelina: a new oil boom (in the kitchen). The Globe and Mail. Retrieved
from https://www.theglobeandmail.com/life/food-and-wine/food-trends/camelina-a-new-oil-



Darshana Lad

1605-100 Parkway Forest Drive,





Rick J. Duha,

Managing Director

750 Bradford St

Winnipeg, MB

R3H 0N3

Dear Rick,

I’m grateful to you for giving me the opportunity to research Duha group and the benefits it will get by exporting its product that is colour systems, in the new markets of Singapore, Mexico, Germany, and China. I have always had a strong interest in such issues. I truly believe that I could provide some useful opinion on the new markets.

Duha Group is Connecting the World With Colour! The Duha Group is widely recognised as the global leader in the design and manufacture of colour sampling tools. They are experts in detailed colour matching, colour trend forecasting, and the manufacturing of colour systems and colour cards.The supply chain of the Duha Group has been transformed into a culture of continuous improvement. They motivate employees to improve and remove waste by using a system-specific tool.

I will submit a copy of my research report for your review before submitting the presentation. Any suggestions or comments would be appreciated. I look forward to your response.


Darshana lad

Darshana Lad

Global Business Management

Centennial College

Tel: (437)985-0257

E-mail: dlad7@my.centennialcollege.ca

Duha Group


Darshana Lad

Graduate student, Centennial college

Prepared for

Research Methods for Trade and Development

February 20, 2022

Global Market Analysis of Duha Group


International trade is critical and involves local industries investing in foreign countries. Many businesses usually invest in foreign countries to enhance their revenue and offer more services to countries that lack infrastructures to produce particular goods and services. In my case, I will analyze Duha Group, a Canadian international company headquartered in Winnipeg, MB. The Company has invested in various countries such as Vietnam, Singapore, Peru, New Zealand, Mexico, Malaysia, Japan, Chile, Brunei, and Australia. Duha Group Company deals with colour systems and colour marketing tools. The research paper will concentrate on the identification of new market company can transport their goods and the new trends in the market. Additionally, the paper will provide insights into trade agreements that can benefit the Company and various ways to increase its competitive advantages. Key Words: trade, competitive, markets, and technology


The Duha Group Company is a Canadian international market headquartered in Winnipeg, MB. The Company has more than a thousand employees distributed across the globe. The Company has penetrated to approximately six continents. The Company has been aggressive and proactive in producing colour systems and colour marketing tools that include automotive to cosmetics, carpets and blinds, and textiles. The Company also offers painting services to colour sampling systems, fan desks, and chips.

Duha Group Managing Director (Right) and his son Emeric Duha (left) started Duha Group as a family business. Their first investments were in Chile since there was less competition in the country for the painting companies. Duha becomes aggressive and proactive to more form trade partnerships with hardware stores in Canada. The Company was established in the 1940s as an old printing press. Still, the founders remained optimistic that the business would expand and become an international market, as we can see today (Chen, Wang, Li, Magalhães, Song, Lu & Sun, 2020).

Currently, Canada only consumes about twenty percent of Doha’s product, and the rest is exported to more than one hundred and thirty countries worldwide. The Company has significant operations plants in seven countries, namely Singapore, Mexico, Germany, and China. The main reason for Duha’s success is the excellent reputation of Canada internationally. People have the perception that Canada’s product is of high quality, sustainable and the Canadian citizens embrace diversity. Duha Group has attracted many investors due to its sensitivity to sustain a clean environment. For instance, the Company recycles paint and paper and has a comprehensive supply chain management that monitors the products from procurement to transportation. The Company also conducts community-based education to train its clients and suppliers on effective methods to minimize pollution and enhance a clean environment.

Background information

Duha Group Company is an international company based in Canada in Winnipeg, MB. It provides goods and services related to color systems and color marketing tools; The current Chief Operating Officer is Rick J Duha. The company has approximately 1000 employees that are distributed across the globe. The company was started in the 1940s as a family-based enterprise, but currently, the company is an international enterprise.

Which is the new market that Duha Group can export to?

Before deciding the best market for the Company to export its products, it is essential to a competitive environment. Duha’s main competitors include ColArt, Benjamin Moore, Amotech, Colorcon, Crafter’s Companion, Dorn Color and Color Communication. All the competitors are ether are American or Europe-based international companies. Therefore, the industry has been aggressive in exploiting markets in Europe and America. Duha company should think about exporting its products to underdeveloped and developing countries where the main competitors have not concentrated.

Therefore, the Company should concentrate on conducting research and development in Asian and African countries where the main competitors less penetrate the market. Currently, due to the advancement in technologies, it is easier to ascertain clients’ needs concerning its products (Byskov, Maluka, Marchal, Shayo, Blystad, Bukachi & Bloch, 2019). For example, Duha Group’s major exporting countries are Vietnam, Singapore, Peru, New Zealand, Mexico, Malaysia, Japan, Chile, Brunei, and Australia. The main export for Colorcon Company in Bangladesh and the United States.

Therefore, the analysis shows that the colour systems and colour marketing tools based-company have concentrated on providing products in first-world countries, thus leading to stiff competition in the industry. Therefore, I would recommend Duha Group penetrate the Asian and African countries where the main competitors do not exploit the market. Various countries are developing and creating demand for the Duha Groups’ products. The Company can invest in South Africa, Nigeria, and Egypt, where major construction and innovation projects occur.

The trends in the sector

Based on the advancement of technology, there is a trend where the firms are using emerging technologies to promote the promotion and production of quality products that meet customers’ needs and preferences. For instance, firms use business analytics to reduce recruiting qualified and competent workers. The business analytics technology can filter the quality required by the employer during the recruitment process. Therefore, instead of inviting many people to attend the interview where many of them might not be meeting the threshold, the technology can identify a few people with the specific qualification required by a firm. Business analytics technology increases accuracy and reduces the cost of recruiting employees. It reduces the number of people who could have overwhelmed the human resource department by interviewing huge participants.

The other trend is social media to communicate and promote their products. Decades ago, many firms in the industry were using the traditional method of promotion such as personal selling by displacing their products in the major streets. However, the industry uses social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook to create awareness of its products (Kang, Shim & Kim, 2019). The industry uses other methods technologies such as cookies and ads to improvise the social media platform. Cookies technologies are used to track, monitor, and follow potential clients that have shown some interest in a firm’s product by visiting its website more frequently.

The technology also implements cloud computing technology to enhance data analysis and promote privacy and security for clients and the organization’s sensitive information. Due to the many clients transacting with the industry, it becomes difficult to analyze data using traditional means. Cloud computing technology is essential since it promotes automation and interprets data based on demand (Reyna, Martín, Chen, Soler & Díaz, 2018). Any time there is an input in the technology, data is automated, and analyzed information is provided based on the new information. The technology provides real-time data based on evidence-based information, thus critical for informed decision-making.

Is there a trade agreement that can benefit the Duha Group?

It isn’t easy to make considerable progress in international trade without making agreements that will foster growth and development in a firm. The Duha Group Company has been in existence for many decades without forming an agreement with other firms in the industry or outside the industry. The recent agreement is the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP). CPTPP has opened more market opportunities for Duha Group in the international market.

The CPTPP involves the trade agreement between countries living in the Pacific Rim. The countries include Japan, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Australia, New Zealand, Chile, Peru, Mexico, and Canada (Wu & Chadee, 2022). The agreement between the countries has enhanced trade by removing various restrictions for the imports and exports of goods within the eleven countries. Duha Group has benefited from the agreement since it can sell its products in the ten countries without major trade restrictions. The agreement has increased the market for the Duha Group Company.

How to increase the competitive advantage?

Duha Group can increase its competitive advantage by balancing core competencies, capabilities, and resources. The first strategy is to produce a quality product and sell them at a relatively low price than its main competitors. The Company should hire experts in the research and development and production process. Experts should test the quality product before it is released in the market. It is critical to enhancing an organization’s reputation since it can be destroyed in days or hours. Restoring faith and confidence is a complicated process that requires a lot of resources. For instance, Samsung Company destroyed its reputation in 2007 when it released a default Samsung Note 7 in the market. The phone was unsafe since it was prone to catching fire, and its battery was catching fire. The Company used a lot of resources and years to restore its reputation. Therefore, the best strategy is to employ qualified personnel in the production and testing department to ascertain the products produced meet the needs and desires of the clients.

The other strategy is to establish plants areas that the major competitors have not penetrated. In a case where there is stiff competition, main competitors tend to use unfair methods to access markets’ advantages. For example, the main competitor might hire black hat hackers to compromise the data of other competitors and destroy its reputation. The other strategy is to collaborate and merge with other industries with similar missions and visions to secure more market share. Acquisition and merger will assist Duha Group Company in distributing risks and enhance economies of scale. The Company should use emerging technologies to enhance data analysis. Due to various dynamics in the market, companies today need to make accurate and updated information concerning the customer’s desires and preferences.

Future research

Based on Duha’s analysis, various researches can provide insights and uncover patterns that could enable the company to make more profit. Future researchers should investigate the significant acquisition and mergers in the industry to allow Duha Group Company to distribute its risks and enhance its economies of scale. The possible research I could recommend is how the CPTPP agreement can create vulnerability to the Duha data attacks by the black hat hackers to give the main competitors an unfair advantage in the current market. Current main competitors hire black hat hackers to compromise the data of their main competitors to destroy their reputation and access unfair competitive advantages.


Duha Group started as a family company, but the Company today has made progressive efforts to control significant markets in the industry. Through the agreement, the Company can trade within a larger market. It is critical to note that CPTPP is also creating a platform where a firm can advance its technological skills through collaborating in meeting the cost that could be difficult to complete by a single country. Implementation of technology, production of high-quality products, and conducting research and developments will enable the Company to make considerable revenue (Song, Zhang, Zou, Sun & Yue, 2018). It is also essential for the Company to embrace acquisition and mergers with other firms to increase productivity, distribute risk and enjoy high economies of scale.


Byskov, J., Maluka, S., Marchal, B., Shayo, E. H., Blystad, A., Bukachi, S., … & Bloch, P. (2019). A systems perspective on the importance of global health strategy developments for accomplishing today’s Sustainable Development Goals. Health policy and planning, 34(9), 635-645.

Chen, J., Wang, L., Li, L., Magalhães, J., Song, W., Lu, W., … & Sun, Y. (2020). Effect of forest certification on international trade in forest products. Forests, 11(12), 1270.

Kang, S., Shim, K., & Kim, J. (2019). Social media posts on the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 explosion: A comparative analysis of crisis framing and sentiment in three nations. Journal of International Crisis and Risk Communication Research, 2(2), 259-289.

Reyna, A., Martín, C., Chen, J., Soler, E., & Díaz, M. (2018). On blockchain and its integration with IoT. Challenges and opportunities. Future generation computer systems, 88, 173-190.

Song, Y., Zhang, M., Zou, D. C., Sun, C. Y.,s & Yue, R. H. (2018). Destroying a near-extremal Kerr-Newman-AdS black hole with test particles. Communications in Theoretical Physics, 69(6), 694.

Wu, T., & Chadee, D. (2022). Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP): Implications for the Asia-Pacific Region. In International Business in the New Asia-Pacific (pp. 53-74). Springer, Cham.



This is an applied research for a specific Canadian company. Please choose one case study from the success stories provided from the website link below. Also, choose 5 markets (countries), and your professor will select one among the 5 for you.

1. Title and link of TCS case study –


Duha Group helps the world find its colours


2. Company name and product – Duha Group, colour marketing tools and colour systems.

3. Current export market(s). – Australia, Brunei, Chile, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore, Vietnam

2. PowerPoint Presentation

PowerPoint format (one slide each). Please see the sample provided.

1. Introduction (first and last names only, no ID).

2. Background on the Product/Service

3. Business Opportunities

4. Research Objectives

5. Methodology / Sampling

6. Implementation Plan (time and cost)

7. Data Analysis and Interpretation (2-4 slides)

8. Business Recommendation

9. Conclusion

10. References in


format (at least 10 sources)

· At least six reputable Internet sources from at least four different organizations

· At least one business journal article

At least one book (you can use our textbook) – Sekaran, U., & Bougie, R. (2016). Research Methods for Business A Skill-Building Approach. West Sussex, United Kingdom: Wiley.

Length: 4 – 5 minutes

Please note:

· Each research objective needs to include:

1) the specific data to be collected


the researcher: “to determine average consumer spending per year on fruits” rather than “to determine demand for fruits” (“demand” is not specific; how do you measure “demand”?)

2) the purpose of / reason for collecting such data: “in order to develop a pricing strategy for fruit products in the ___ market”

· Methodology and sampling need to be specific:

1) secondary data: include the names of the sources you will use

2) primary data: include details on who you will interview, conduct focus groups, your samples, etc.

– Each source listed in References needs at least one in-text citation.

– Feel free to have up to 15 slides.

PowerPoint Presentation Sample


PowerPoint Presentation Sample  

· Please note: The report sample is example for format purposes only, not for content. 

Marking Rubric for Individual Research Report (20%).

Late penalty: 20% per day.


 points Timesness reportaphs, APA styles, that they are good sources.rt). final version, etc

A+ level

5 points

A level

4 points

B level

3.5 points

C level

3 points

D level

2.5 points

F level

0 – 1 point


Used required sources and 4 or more additional professional sources.

Used required sources and 1 – 3 additional professional sources

Used required sources.

Used most (two-thirds) of the required sources and/or unverifiable sources.

Used only 1-3 required sources and/or unverifiable sources.

Did not follow instructions on professional sources;
OR did not provide sources; OR plagiarized sources (put in source(s) that you did not use).



Used in-text citation properly at least once for each source; used References properly without errors; provided proper sources for figures/graphs.

Used in-text citation properly at least once for each source; used References properly with 1 – 2 errors; provided proper sources for figures/graphs.

Used in-text citation properly at least once for each source; used References properly, with 3 – 5 errors; provided sources for figures/graphs.

Used in-text citation for most sources; used References properly, with 6 – 9 errors;

OR did not provide proper sources for figures/graphs.

Used in-text citation only a few times;
OR used References with 10 or more errors.

Did not use in-text citation;

OR provided links only in the References section;
OR did not provide a References section.



Selected an excellent topic; provided an effective literature review, with strong analysis and logical reasoning.

Selected an excellent topic; provided a thorough literature review, with good analysis and logical reasoning.

Selected a good topic; provided a good literature review, with good analysis and logical reasoning.

Selected an acceptable topic; provided some literature review, with some analysis and acceptable logical reasoning.

Did not follow instructions in selecting a topic;

OR did not provide a proper literature review and/or analysis, with errors in logical reasoning.

Did not follow instructions on content;

OR did not provide a proper literature review and analysis, with serious errors in logical reasoning.


Writing effective-ness

Used good template; wrote clearly and effectively, with consistency in font, spacing, and formats.

Used good template; wrote clearly and concisely, with consistency in font, spacing, and formats; 1 – 2 typo errors.

Used satisfactory template; wrote clearly, with consistency in font, spacing, and formats; 3 – 5 typo errors.

Used acceptable template; did not write clearly, with some consistency in font, spacing, and formats; 6 – 9 typo errors.

Did not use satisfactory template;

OR did not write clearly, without 

consistency in font, spacing, or formats; 10 or more typo errors.

Did not use satisfactory template;

AND/OR did not write clearly, with many serious errors;

OR plagiarized.


406 – 123 Yonge Street

Toronto, Ontario M1A 2B3

January 15, 2017

Dr. Susan Cohen

Canada Education Support Inc.

456 University Avenue

Toronto, Ontario M1C 2D4

Dear Dr. Cohen:

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to make a presentation on to your Board of Directors on the current perspective on the benefits and costs of pursuing an MBA, with specific focus on international students from Vietnam who want to study in North America. I have always had a strong interest on this issue, as I believe that I could bring some useful perspectives on your target market in Vietnam.

(Write some more to show that you have entrepreneurial thinking that can add value/profits to the company).

I am submitting a copy of my complete report for your review before my presentation. Any comments or suggestions would be much appreciated. I look forward to the presentation next week.


Jane Smith

Jane Smith

Graduate Student

Global Business Management

Centennial College

Tel: (416) 123-4567

E-mail: jane.smith@my.centennialcollege.ca

A Cost-Benefit Analysis of Doing an MBA for International Students

from Vietnam


Jane Smith
Graduate Student, Centennial College

prepared for

Canada Education Support Inc.

January 15, 2017

A Cost-Benefit Analysis of Doing an MBA for International Students

from Vietnam

Jane Smith
Graduate Student, Centennial College

Abstract: Obtaining an MBA overseas has been a lifetime dream of many students in developing countries, with the appeal often coming from the expectation of high income after graduation. However, due to the changes in the labor market in North America resulted from the financial meltdown in 2009, the likelihood of obtaining a managerial position upon graduation is becoming much smaller than before (Jain and Stopford 2011), while the cost of an MBA program is steadily increasing (Allen, 2011). This paper presents the costs and benefits of pursuing an MBA in North America specifically for international students from Vietnam. It suggests that unless the prospective students already secure certain managerial positions either back home or in the new environment in North America, the costs of an MBA might outweigh the benefits. The paper also suggests alternative educational plans for students who want to obtain foreign education.

Keywords: MBA, business education, international students, employment, Vietnam





According to Allen (2011), the current recession in the United States made it more difficult to obtain an MBA, while the number of MBA programs is increasing. The author also noted that to get a managerial job, it is more important to have “entrepreneurial thinking” than skills sets and education.


Source: The Economist(2005).

1. The Current Labor Market for MBA Graduates in North America: Not promising

Having an MBA was often seen as a ticket to having high-paying managerial jobs. However, since the collapse of the housing market in the United States in 2008 and the subsequent global financial crisis, unemployment has become more serious in the overall economy in North America (provide source). Potential jobs for MBA graduates has also diminished significantly both for local and international students (provide source).


2. A Cost-Benefit Analysis of Pursuing an MBA for International Students from Vietnam: Why an MBA Education Might Not Pay for Itself

With a per capita income of about $1,200, Vietnam is one of the fastest growing economies in Asia. International students from Vietnam have to consider the cost of pursuing an MBA (provide source and data, such as Harvard $160,000, U of T $90,000), more so than students from other countries with higher income. In addition, the Vietnamese in North America do not have the same professional networking system as other ethnic groups (Saloner, 2011) that can help them get jobs.


3)Alternative Educational Plans that Make Sense for International Students

Since the cost of pursuing an MBA is relatively higher than the benefits, international students from Vietnam can consider other studying options that are also good for job prospects. It is worth considering the fact that employers in international business do not just look at education in their hiring decisions. Stephen


, Group CEO of HSBC, said:“We don’t look so much at what and where people have studied but rather at their drive, initiative, cultural sensitivity, and readiness to see world as their oyster.” (Green, 




, and 


, 2003, p. 40). Therefore, students can choose business programs that are less expensive (Brain, 2016) or similar Master’s programs.


Future Research





Allen, L. (2011).

MBA is Valuable Job-hunt Asset, but Down Economy Makes Getting One Harder.

Central Penn Business Journal, 10/21/2011, Vol. 27 Issue 43, pp. 17-19.

Brain without Borders (2016). The Economist. Retrieved on October 7, 2017, from https://www.economist.com/news/international/21689540-australia-and-canada-seek-attract-more-foreign-students-america-and-britain-could.


Green, S., Hassan, F., Immelt, J., Marks, M., and Meiland, D. (2003). In Search of Global Leaders. Harvard Business Review, August 2003.

International Education (2005). The Economist. Retrieved on October 7, 2017, from www.economist.com/node/4405649.

Jain, S. and Stopford, J. (2011). Revamping MBA Programs for Global Competitiveness. Business Horizons. 54, 345—353.

Saloner, G. (2010). Building the Next-Generation Business Leader. McKinsey Quarterly. April 2010.

Marking Rubric for Individual PowerPoint Presentation with Video Recording (20%). Late penalty: 20% per day.


 points Timesness reportaphs, APA styles, that they are good sources.rt). final version, etc

A+ level

5 points

A level

4 points

B level

3.5 points

C level

3 points

D level

2.5 points

F level

0 – 1 point

Professional sources

Indicates sources excellently

Indicates sources effectively

Indicates sources with no errors

Indicates sources adequately

Indicates a few sources only
OR with many errors

Does not indicate sources


– Research objectives, methodology, and sampling

– Data analysis, interpretation and business recommendation


ly presents research objectives, data analysis and recommendation


ly presents research objectives, data analysis and recommendation

Sufficiently present research objectives, data analysis and recommendation


ly presents research objectives, data analysis and recommendation

Present research objectives, data analysis and recommendation acceptably

Does not clearly present research objectives, data analysis and recommendation

PowerPoint quality

Attractive, effective, easy to follow, no errors

Attractive, easy to follow, no errors

Attractive, easy to follow, only a few errors

Attractive, easy to follow, many errors

Not attractive, many errors

Not attractive, difficult to follow, many serious errors


(articulation, proper rate & pronunciation, good posture, eye contact, enthusiasm, confidence)










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