Before the Dawn

Before The Dawn Characters You, Infinite Description Bloodthirsty Vampires. Dangerous Powers. Forbidden Love. Foreword Hi! I’m DBSKGIRL4EVER! I have a new story for you. Starring: INFINITE! yay! Their new song BEFORE THE DAWN inspired me ^^ it just screamed vampire, for me at least anyways keke Enjoy~ —- You: A depressed, sad half-vampire who is also mute. You know how to talk but you just can’t/refuse to. Your mother was a human who died right after you were born. You were raised by your grandmother. You know who your father is and that you hae 7 half-brothers. You only see them sometimes per year.
You never smile and even if you do, you dont’ let anyone see it. You’re weak, vulnerable, silent, and miserable. You hate being a burden and apologize way too much. You tried to end your existence many times but failed. You have no powers… yet. Infinite: Your 7 half-brothers who are all half-related to each other, as well. They all have different mothers. They arent’ exactly close but they arent’ fighting every minute. They resent their father the most. They appear cold and careless to you but they care for you more than brothers should care for their sister. Has special powers.
Son of the headmaster of Woolim Academy, a school for young vampires. -Sunggyu: Oldest, strongest -Woohyun: Most calm and patient. Wisest. -Hoya: Hates annoying things. -Dongwoo: The most hot tempered. -Sungyeol: Silent but most warm-hearted. Special power is healing. -L:Mysterious, quiet, and cold. -Sungjong: Silent but if you become close, he talks a lot. Caring deep on the inside. Pretty looking but is actually one of the fiercest vampires Mr. Woo: Your and Infinite’s father. A smooth-talker who charms the ladies in an instance. Very powerful and intelligent. Headmaster of Woolim Academy. ——- You are a sad, depressed half-vamp, half-human girl who thinks her existence is a waste. Things turn even more upside down for you after your grandmother passes away. Now you must actually live with your father and half-brothers and live at Woolim Academy. Your half-brothers appear cold and careless. It’s like they hate you. More than anything, you are very afraid of them. But deep inside, they’re only putting on an act. They actually love you and care for you… more than a brother should for his sister. Even if it’s only half. At Woolim Academy, things aren’t easy for you.

Although your the headmaster’s daughter, you’re an outcast because of 1. your blood class 2. your depressed mental state and inability to talk and 3. you have no powers like all the other students at Woolim Academy. But what if one day… you get your power? And it turns out to be the most special and biggest power that all vampires are envious of? And what if someone… someone bad… someone tremendously evil… tries to get hold of it? Will your half-brothers still remain in the shadows and hide their feelings for you? Or will they finally come out of the dark to defend you and protect you once and for all? ————- Moving In You were sitting on one of your suitcases in the front hallway of the Woo Residence. The Manor was colossal, sinister, and very vintage-looking with many staircases, secret passageways, and old furniture. The only sound was the ticking of the over-sized grandfather clock in the living room. Your head was lowered and you were drawing circles with the toe of your bootie. You let out a sigh for the hundredth time since you had arrived. You were waiting for the maids to finish cleaning your room. All you were thinking of at that moment was your cold, pale grandmother in her coffin.
Tears fell down your face but you couldn’t even say at that moment how much she had meant to you. You remembered her last words to you: Be happy. *How can I be, grandma? A person- a thing- like me doesn’t deserve happiness. First I made mom pass away and now you…I’m horrible. * A shadow fell over you. You looked up and your eyes widened. It was your half-brother Dongwoo. He was the most hot-tempered and scariest. You shot up and bowed. Dongwoo snorted, “You’re really moving in? ” He already knew the answer since his father had made the announcement last night. You bowed and signed ‘Mianhae, oppa.
I know you don’t want me here. ’ “Good. Then stay out of my way. ” Dongwoo hissed and strode off. You lowered your head. This was another complication. Your half-brothers didn’t like you very much. You weren’t sure that even your father did. “Miss? ” A maid called. You looked up. “Please come up. Your room is ready. ” She bowed. You nodded and headed upstairs with your belongings. Someone was watching you go into your room. *She came. * L slipped back into the darkness. “This is it, miss. ” The maid motioned. Your eyes widened at the enormous, pale-colored room with a large four-poster bed, closet, and desk. Rest well and we’ll call you for dinner. ” She bowed and closed the double doors. You set your belongings on the ground and looked around. This house was full of your family members and maids…but why did you feel so alone? You sat on your bed and stroked the silky duvet. A tear slipped down your cheek *I don’t want to be here. I shouldn’t be here. Grandma, why didn’t you take me with you? * Family Dinner —— Night fell. A soft rap came on the door. You opened it. The maid bowed, “Dinner is served, miss. ” You followed her down to the dining hall. All 7 of your half-brothers were sitting at the table.
They turned their heads and saw you come in. You ducked your head uneasily and came next to Sungjong. Dongwoo snorted, “She even eats with us? ” “Dongwoo. ” Woohyun warned. You bit your lip. The doors opened and Mr. Woo strode in. Instantly, all of you stood up. “Good evening, my sons. ” Mr. Woo noticed you and his eyes sparkled, “And my daughter has joined us as well! ” “Unfortunately. ” You heard Dongwoo scoff. L and Sungyeol glared up at him *Why is he being so rude? He wanted her here as much as we did. * “I’m so glad you’re here, ~~~~~~~~-ah. You’ll be a wonderful official add to the family. Mr. Woo beamed. You bowed. “Now sit down and let’s enjoy our dinner together as a family. ” He motioned and sat down. Everyone sat in their seats. The maids served raw, juicy steak filled with blood. Your face contorted into one of disgust and discomfort. “I’m sorry, miss. I’ll bring a cooked one for you. ” The maid bowed, took your plate, and left. “What kind of vampire are you? ” Dongwoo sneered. “She’s only half. ” Sunggyu reminded. “It shows. ” Dongwoo snorted. You bit your lip and swallowed hard. The maid came back with a well-done steak. You cut off a small piece and chewed slowly.
Mr. Woo frowned, “Shouldn’t you at least have a little blood? You are still half-vampire. ” When you didn’t say anything, he sighed, “Are you still not talking? ” You lowered your eyes. L and Sungyeol glanced at you. Dongwoo shook his head in disapproval. Hoya glanced at you briefly before sipping his red blood from the wine glass. “Just don’t forget to take your daily dose. I remember what happened last time. ” Mr. Woo shook his head. You turned red as your half-brothers stared at you. Last time, you had refused to drink blood so you had gotten into a blood coma in the middle of a party.
L had to carry you out and Sungyeol had to waste a lot of his energy trying to wake you up. You pushed your plate away, bowed, and hurried back to your room. That was the only safe haven for you. Night at the Manor ——– That night, you showered and dressed into different clothes. You sat at your dresser and brushed your long hair while looking at yourself in the mirror with empty eyes. A knock came on the door. You stood up and turned around. The door opened and Woohyun came in. Your eyes widened. You ran over and bowed. He raised an eyebrow, “You haven’t changed since I’ve seen you last year. ‘Mianhae’ You signed. *That habit hasn’t changed either. * Woohyun shook his head, “I didn’t say that for your apology. ” You bit your lip and looked around. You finally signed ‘What are you doing here? ’ “Here. ” Woohyun held a glass of blood out. You stepped back. “I don’t want you to faint again. ” He whispered. You looked at him. “It would wake everyone up and create a hassle again. You know Hoya doesn’t like annoying things and Sungyeol would lose his energy trying to help you again. ” Woohyun made it seem like that was why he was taking care of you. You paused then took the glass. He wouldn’t leave though.
You slowly put the glass to your lips. You squeezed your eyes shut and forced the blood down your throat. Woohyun watched. He wouldn’t leave until every last drop was taken. Done, you put the glass down and coughed. You touched your lips with the back of your hand *I hate blood. * It looked like you were about to cry. “Go to bed. ” Woohyun took the empty glass and left. You sighed and sat on your bed. You didn’t feel sleepy though. So for old time’s sake, you decided to give yourself a tour of the manor. You leisurely roamed around every hallway and all the stories of the large estate. You stopped at the small but cozy greenhouse.
Hardly anyone came in here. You sat on the cushion and curled your knees up to your chest. You rested your chin on your knees and blinked. It was silent but you didn’t mind. You actually liked the quietness. Soon, your eyes fell and you went to sleep. Someone came by and scooped you in his arms. He carried you to your room and gently lay you on the bed. Sungyeol put the blanket over you and went on his knees by your bedside. He gazed at your pretty, snow-white face for a long time. Sungyeol carefully took your hand and folded his hands over yours. He glanced at your arm. On it was all sorts of burn marks and cut scars.
You had tried to many times to end your existence. And every time, he had had to heal you. Sungyeol gently traced his finger over the long scar over your wrist. You shivered in your sleep. He looked at you. Sungyeol softly spoke, “I hope you don’t try to hurt yourself this year…you’re living with us now. We act like we hate it but inside, all of us are happy. Dongwoo, especially. You should know better than anyone else how we are. ” He sighed, kissed your forehead, and left the room. First Day at Woolim Academy —— Morning came. It was time for school. Your half-brothers had already left.
You wouldn’t be late anyways because the manor was right next to the school. The maid held out a black umbrella and walked you to the entrance. Although you were only half-vampire, the sun still impacted you very greatly. You ducked into the dark school. All the curtains were closed for protection of the students. Woolim Academy was a prestigious boarding school for vampires. Everyone here was filthy rich with excessive powers. They discriminated against those who weren’t the same. You warily glanced around as you walked down the hallway. You had never been inside the Academy before. It was much different than you had expected.
It was a lot…darker. Students were snickering and playfully attacking each other with their powers, subtly showing them off. They began to whisper as you passed by. Disapproving glances were thrown your way. Although you were the headmaster’s daughter, you were considered a failure. Outcast. Someone who didn’t belong here. You were half-human and they condemned someone so imperfect being at their flawless, elite school. You entered your classroom. Students were already sitting at their desks. They gossiped and glared as you passed by. You sat in the back and put your backpack down. Some girls even had the guts to ome over and watch you, like you were some sort of animal. “Omo, look at her. They say she’s half-human. ” “It’s wrong for her to be here, even if she is the headmaster’s daughter. ” “Did you hear the rumor? She’s mute! And she doesn’t have any powers yet! ” “Omo, seriously?! ” “What’s going on? ” A tinkling voice hissed. The girls turned around and gasped, “S-sungjong! ” He coldly glanced at them, “You’re in my way. I would appreciate if if you would move. ” “O-of course. ” The girls ran off. Sungjong sat just 3 desks away from you. You looked at him *Sungjong oppa is in the same class as me? * He looked at you.
You quickly bowed. Sungjong looked away without a word. The teacher came in and the lessons began. Hoya’s defense After 2 classes, the students were released for break. You sighed and wandered down the hallway. “Whoa! So it’s true! The headmaster’s daughter is here! ” Suddenly, you were surrounded by 5 guys. They were 5 of the wealthiest students of the Academy. They had immense powers and thought they were the toughest shit out there. They always tried to beat your half-brothers, but had little success. “What’s your name? ” The leader, Moonjoo, asked. Of course, you didn’t reply. “Damn! The rumors were true?!
You’re a mute?! ” He accused. His friends cracked up. “I guess that’s all right since I don’t really dig girls who talk back to me. ” Moonjoo grinned. You tried to go but he held on, “Whoa, whoa. What’s the rush? It doesn’t look like you have friends anyways. Or are you waiting for your brothers? ” You bit your lip and shook your head. “Great then! Hang out with us! ” Moonjoo tugged on your arm and started jabbing your side, “So is it true that you don’t have any powers either? ” You tried to leave but he yanked you back. “I asked you a question! ” Moonjoo growled and held out his hand, which was burning with flame.
Your eyes widened at the threatening power. Suddenly, the fire went out. Everyone looked up to see Hoya. Moonjoo gulped. He never showed it but everyone knew he was scared shitless of your half-brothers. H oya narrowed his eyes, “If you’re going to burn someone, do it outside. Do you know how much this Academy cost? ” “L-let’s go. ” Moonjoo nodded at his friends and they ran off. Hoya glanced at you then left. You quickly followed him. You grabbed his arm. He turned around. You signed, ‘Thank you, oppa. ’ “If you have something to tell me, just say it! ” Hoya hissed in annoyance, “I don’t understand sign language! That was a lie. He knew sign language well, just like his half-brothers. You bit your lip. “It’s not like you can’t speak. You just won’t. Are you stupid or what? When will you keep living your life like that? If you don’t talk, you can’t speak up for yourself. You can’t rely on us forever. ” He stormed off. You lowered your head and a tear slid down your cheek *I really am a burden. * Hoya turned the corner and pressed his back against the wall. He glanced back to see you crying. Hoya sighed and closed his eyes *I didn’t mean to hurt her. I just don’t want to see her getting bullied all the time.
I have no problem defending her. I’m just scared I won’t be able to defend her all the time. * You Lied ——- School ended at sundown. All the students went back to their dormitory. You went back to the manor. It was quiet as usual. You went to your room and stayed there until it was time for dinner. Dinner, as usual, was bloody raw steaks. You ate your well-cooked steak quietly without making a single sound. “So, how was your day? ” Mr. Woo asked. You signed, ‘Good. ’ “No trouble? No bullying? ” He questioned. You nodded. *Lies. * Your half-brothers thought. “Huh. I guess the rumor was wrong. ” Mr.
Woo shook his head with a smile, “Anyways, so you’ve made some friends. ” You paused then nodded. He sighed, “I wish you would speak. It’s so frustrating. ” Everyone at the table felt the same. ‘Mianhamnida, appa. ’ You bowed. “Never mind. ” He shook his head, “Eat up. ” You ate one more bite, excused yourself, and left. You sighed and trudged up the steps. Suddenly, you became dizzy. You stopped and touched your forehead *I had blood yesterday. What’s wrong with me? Maybe it’s because that was such a small amount and I hadn’t drank blood since grandma died. * You shook your head and began to walk again.
But you stumbled as black spots appeared in your head. Fortunately, someone caught you before you hit the ground. You blinked. When the spots went away, you were face-to-face with L. Your eyes widened in surprise. He gazed down at you with a solemn expression. After a while, L straightened you back up. You signed, ‘Thank you, L oppa. ’ You headed towards your room. “Why did you lie? ” He asked. You stopped. L looked at you, “You had trouble today. You were bullied. You didn’t make any friends. ” You swallowed hard. “If you told father, he could’ve talked to the students-“ L began. You turned around and signed, ‘That wouldn’t help.
It would just make things worse. I’d rather be invisible. Besides, I don’t like burdening anyone. Not you. Not even father. ’ L softened. You bowed and went into your room. Healer ——- Things didn’t get better at all. The students left you out in all the classroom activities. You would’ve been okay if they stopped there. But they didn’t just end there. They were cruelly vicious to you. The students’ highlight of the day was picking on you. They loved to abuse you with their powers and make you be their servant. “Come on, dirty blood~” They taunted, “Go get our books! ” “Aw, does this hurt? ” Girls levitated books your way.
You landed on the ground. Your face whipped sideways as a book hurled against your cheek. It remained red with a pink scar. They laughed hard. Moonjoo’s friends grabbed you. You were too numb and tired now. You let them do whatever the hell they wanted. Moonjoo smirked and put the flame near your arm, “Aren’t you scared? If you say something, I won’t hurt you~” You kept your mouth shut. Moonjoo furrowed his eyebrows and burned your arm, You’re still not going to say anything? ” He mocked. You just blankly stared ahead of you. “Say something! ” Moonjoo hissed, “Scream, beg, anything! ” You just sat there as your arm flamed with agony.
Tears slipped down your face. You wanted him to stop but couldn’t say anything. You closed your eyes *I hope this kills me. Just end it all for me, please. * “ARGH! YOU STUBBORN BITCH! ” Frustrated, Moonjoo and his friends pushed you and left. The bell rang and you went outside. Students hissed as you passed by. “Eww! Look at her mangled arm! ” You lightly pulled your injured arm against your chest and went into a dark hallway where all the cleaning supplies were. You curled up into a ball against the wall. Tears rapidly spilled down your face. You glanced down at the 3rddegree burn on your arm. You choked a sob *It hurts.
I don’t know what to do. I don’t think the pain will ever go away. * Out of nowhere, someone grabbed your wrist. You stiffened. With wide eyes, you looked up *Sungyeol oppa. * He gently drew your injured arm toward him. Sungyeol softened *This looks pretty bad. And what’s worse is that she didn’t inflict it upon herself. This is beyond cruel and torture. * He gently swept his hand along your wound. With each pass of his power, your wound shrank until there was nothing but faint pinkness. Your eyes widened. You had always admired Sungyeol’s ability to heal. This was a miracle. Your arm didn’t hurt anymore. Sungyeol softly gazed at you.
You couldn’t look away. He lightly yanked you towards him and swept you up bridal style. Your arms were wound around his neck. You didn’t protest as Sungyeol carried you down the hallway. Students gasped, “Sungyeol! ” He ignored them. Girls hissed as you passed by. You ducked your face into his shoulder *I want to get out of here. * As you wished, Sungyeol took you back to the manor. He gently laid you on your bed. You looked up at him and he gazed down at you. His eyebrows furrowed as he noticed the small cut on your cheek. Sungyeol reached out and cupped your cheek. Your eyes flickered in surprise at his touch.
There was a warm glow and he pulled away. Sungyeol looked at you for a couple minutes before leaving. You took a mirror and checked your face. The scratch was completely gone. *Sungyeol oppa. * You thought. For the first time in a long time, warmth filled your heart. Payback —— Moonjoo laughed hard with his friends in the empty classroom. “Did you see that dirty blood? She didn’t do shit when I burned her! I’m going to keep torturing her until I hear her scream! ” They cracked up and high-fived each other. BAM! They whirled around, “What the-“ There was a flash of red and the next thing they knew, Moonjoo was slammed against the wall. D-dongwoo, w-what are you doing?! ” He choked. Dongwoo fiercely glared at Moonjoo. Dongwoo gripped his neck tightly and he coughed, “S-stop! I can’t breathe, dammit! ” “Yeah, I bet she couldn’t breathe either when you did that to her. ” Dongwoo snarled. “What are you talking about?! ” Moonjoo sneered. Dongwoo’s hand blazed red as fire burst out. His fire power was 10 times stronger than Moonjoo’s. Dongwoo put the flame up to his face. “W-what are you doing?! ” Moonjoo panicked with wide eyes. He couldn’t take his eyes off the blazing fire. “Do you want to know how it feels like to be BURNED? ” Dongwoo sneered, “I would be glad to show you.
Then you’d know how it feels to burn other people for no fucking reason at all. ” His hand came closer to Moonjoo’s face. “I’M SORRY! ” He screamed, “I WON’T DO IT AGAIN! I SWEAR! I WON’T BURN YOUR SISTER ANYMORE! ” Dongwoo shoved him into the wall and stepped back. Moonjoo fell onto the floor, squeezing his scratchy throat. “You better keep that promise or I’ll come after you. ” Dongwoo stormed off. *That bastard! * Moonjoo thought. He and his friends left the room. He skidded to a stop. Sunggyu turned around and stared at him. “S-sungyu. ” Moonjoo called. Without a word, Sunggyu held out his palm.
With a wave of power, Moonjoo and his friends collided into the wall. Bits of the ceiling broke off at the force. They groaned in pain. “You’re lucky Sungyeol knows how to heal. ” Sunggyu muttered before disappearing. *Those fucking brothers! What the hell is their problem?! They act like they don’t care about the dirty blood but they turn psycho if anything happens to her! * Moonjoo thought. Beautiful ——- You were still deeply asleep in your room. A shadow fell over you. *She must’ve been wiped out. * Dongwoo softened. He gently took your hand and raised your arm. Thanks to Sungyeol, the wound had disappeared.
It was still faintly pink though. Dongwoo gently traced the pinkness *I swear. If Moonjoo hurts you again, I’ll destroy him. Anyone that hurts you, will have to answer to me. * He looked at your peaceful face. Dongwoo softly smiled and touched your forehead. With a curious tilt of his head, he slid the back of his fingers down your nose and traced your lips. A warm feeling melted his heart of ice. *Why are you so beautiful? * Just then, your eyes fluttered open. His eyes widened in surprise. You blinked *What is Dongwoo oppa doing here? * Instantly, the hostility came back on his face, “Wake up. It’s time for dinner. You sat up. Dongwoo slammed the door shut and sighed in relief *I was almost caught. Damn, Dongwoo. Control yourself! * You changed out of your uniform and quickly ran downstairs. You sat next to Sungjong and started to eat. He surreptitiously glanced at your arm. Seeing that it was okay, he went back to eating. Sungyeol checked on your arm also. He was pleased that not a scar remained *I’m getting better at healing. * After you ate, you went back to your room. L was leaning against the wall, throwing a glass ball up and down in the air. He heard you coming, caught the ball, and turned around.
You looked up and stopped. Your eyes widened and you glanced below *L oppa was still at the table when I left. How did he…? * Of course, you shouldn’t even have been surprised. He was known to be the quickest out of your half-brothers. You stepped to the left but he blocked you. You looked up at him. “How is your arm? ” L asked. You glanced at it then nodded. “Did Sungyeol heal it? ” He questioned. You nodded again. L was a bit envious. He wished he could’ve done something for you. “Here. ” L tossed you the ball. You quickly caught it and blinked at him. “Just thought you might be bored. ” He shrugged and left.
You held out your palms and gazed at the normal-looking ball. But suddenly, it glowed pink and the shape of a pink rose swirled inside. Your eyes widened. Pink rose petals, that seemed to be coming from this beautiful ball, blew all around you. Your face glowed and a smile began to light your face. This was one of the prettiest things you had ever seen in your life. L glanced back from behind the wall. He softly smiled *Yes. Keep smiling like that. You look beautiful when you do. * Blood Coma “MOVE! ” Sunggyu and Woohyun rushed through everyone. “GET THE HELL OUT OF MY WAY! ” Hoya and Dongwoo shoved students out of their path.
L, Sungjong, and Sungyeol sped down the hallway. There was a crowd around the girls’ bathroom. All 7 of them pushed through the mob and burst inside. Their eyes widened. A few girls were curiously staring at you who were passed out on the floor. Sunggyu picked you up and carried you towards the manor. The others were right behind. They burst into your room. Sunggyu gently laid you on the bed. Sungyeol came through and touched your throat. Your pulse was weak. As they suspected, it was another blood coma. “Blood? ” Woohyun asked. Sungyeol looked at his half-brothers and nodded. “Damn! I knew she would be like this! Dongwoo growled in frustration. Sungyeol swept his hand over your face. Nothing happened. He tried again. Nothing. Sungyeol furrowed his eyebrows in frustration. He cupped your face and closed his eyes. Sungyeol focused on sending all his positive waves to you. An outflow of healing powers swelled out of him and entered your body. You finger twitched. “Her finger. ” Sungjong whispered. Sungyeol grew hopeful. He closed his eyes and furrowed his eyebrows. Sungyeol grew his teeth and concentrated hard. No matter how dizzy he grew, he didn’t let go of you. Your eyes fluttered open. “She woke up. ” Hoya said.
Sungyeol released you with a sigh. He opened his eyes and grabbed his wrist. His right hand was shaking badly. Your eyes started to close again. Before Dongwoo could scold you about how stupid you were, Sunggyu pushed him back, “Let’s go. She needs some rest. ” The others reluctantly left. He glanced at you and closed the door. Why I shouldn’t exist ——- Mr. Woo checked up on you. He advised you to not attend school for a couple days. Mr. Woo went to the dinner table, “Let’s eat. ” “What about ~~~~~? ” Dongwoo asked. “She won’t be joining us. ” Mr. Woo said. “Why not? ” Dongwoo furrowed his eyebrows. She doesn’t want to eat. ” Mr. Woo started to eat. *What the hell?! Didn’t she learn her lesson yet?! * Dongwoo grabbed his glass of blood and got up. “ Dongwoo-“ Woohyun grabbed his wrist but he had already rushed by. You had just changed into normal clothes when the door burst open. You turned around and your eyes widened in surprise. ‘Oppa, aren’t you-‘ You started to sign when he strode over. You involuntarily stepped back. “Drink it. ” Dongwoo held out his glass of blood. Your eyes widened. “Drink it. ” He snarled, “You haven’t drunk once ever since you got here and it’s been 3 weeks already. ” ‘Later-‘ You signed. NOW. ” Dongwoo hissed. You bit your lip. You really didn’t want to. It made you feel like a monster. “Do you want to go into another coma again?! Do you know how much Sungyeol wasted his energy trying to wake you up?! He can’t pick up anything with his right hand right now! ” Dongwoo made you feel guiltier. Your eyes widened and heart thudded in your chest *Because of…me? Oh no. * “So drink. Now. ” He growled. Before you could protest, Dongwoo grabbed you by the throat and forced the blood between your lips. Your eyes were round in shock and trauma. Some of the blood streamed down your throat. You started choking.
Dongwoo released you and you fell onto the ground. You fought the bile coming up your throat and touched your chest. You could taste that bitter, iron flavor in your mouth and hated it. Tears fell down your face. “I don’t know what to do because of you. ” Dongwoo whispered. He whirled around and started walking. You started to sob. L came up to see what was going on. Dongwoo passed by. L grabbed his arm. Dongwoo shot him a look. “What did you do to her? ” L growled. “Go and see if you’re so curious. ” Dongwoo snarled and tried to twist away but L held on, “Even if we’re brothers, I won’t forgive you if you hurt her one more time.
You care for her as much as we do. Why are you being unnecessarily rude to her? ” “It’s because I care for her,” Dongwoo growled, “That I’m like this. And don’t start grilling on me now. You ignore her as much as I do. ” He walked away. L went to your room. He stood by the doorway and watched you cry. The wine glass was on its side and the blood had stained your carpet. L closed his eyes. He hated it when you cried. It tore his unbeating heart. L held his palm out and the doo automatically clicked close. ————— After you had calmed down, you left your room. You saw the door to the balcony open and stopped. *Who is out there? Curious, you peeked outside. Sungyeol was standing there with his arms resting on the railing. He looked down at his right hand. It was still trembling a bit. Sungyeol grasped his wrist and flinched. *It should stop shaking by tomorrow, I hope. * He sighed and gazed out at the scenery. Sungyeol felt someone watch him and turned around. But no one was there. You had pressed yourself against the door. Tears trickled down your face and you slid onto the ground. *Is it really all my fault? Is Sungyeol oppa really hurt because of me? * Come to think of it, he was always healing you. He never hesitated wasting his powers for you. Why didn’t I realize that he’s hurting himself by helping me? I’m such a burden. This is why I shouldn’t exist. Why am I so weak that I can’t stop troubling everyone? * You curled up and sobbed into your arms. Temptation ——- Dongwoo was walking down the hallway when he smelled something funny. He stopped in his tracks and sniffed the air. His sharp nose detected a familiar scent. A familiar scent that was very, very bad. It made his radar go up. *What is this familiar scent and why do I hate it? * That’s when he remembered. Poison. Normal poisons wouldn’t make a bad shiver go down his spine.
This particular poison was one that killed even vampires. *AW, SHIT! * Dongwoo rushed towards your room. He burst inside just as you took a long sip. “NO! ” Dongwoo smacked the cup away. A black, thick substance spilled out and ruined the carpet. “YOU IDIOT! ” Dongwoo angrily snarled, “DO YOU REALIZE WHAT YOU HAVE DONE? ” Once the poison spread, even Sungyeol couldn’t do anything about it. Especially not now since his hand wasn’t healed yet. Your eyelids started to lower. “FUCK! ” Dongwoo screamed. He grabbed your waist and pulled you to him. Then Dongwoo sank his fangs into your throat. In your blood, he could taste the terrible toxin. Oh please don’t let it spread too fast. * Dongwoo sucked on your blood and spat it out into the cup. The blood was blackish red. *Shit. * Dongwoo bit you again and sucked some on some more of your blood. You just lay limp in his arms with a tear falling down the corner of your eye. *No…don’t try to save me…just let me go. * You weakly tried to push him away. Dongwoo grabbed your wrists and snarled, “STAY STILL! ” More tears spilled down your face. Now the cup was brimming with your tainted blood. When Dongwoo spat your blood out once more, it was nearly red again. *One more time. * Dongwoo put his lips to your throat.
Now he could taste your blood. Your sweet, delicious blood. Dongwoo had only tasted your blood one other time and it was on accident. You had tripped when you were 6. He didn’t think anything of it and put your blood to his lips. Ever since then, he had been drawn to you. At first Dongwoo was cold to you because he thought he was going crazy. He didn’t want to suddenly attack his half-sister and drink her half-human, half-vampire blood. No matter how tempting it was to him. But soon, Dongwoo realized that it wasn’t just your blood he craved. He loved your big, sad eyes. Your random apologies and thank-yous.
Your sweet face and quietness, although he longed to hear your voice one day. That’s the day that he had realized how much he was in deep shit by being in love with his half-sister who was a ‘dirty blood’. Dongwoo could smell your sweet, tempting blood right now. Desire crept up inside of him and everything he had kept secret for the past years was about to be exposed. *Fuck. I can’t…control…* Even though all your poisoned blood was gone, Dongwoo kept sucking on your neck. His mind grew hazy and all he could think about was you, you, and you. He pulled you closer and tilted his face to get a better angle at your neck.
His long fangs were pushed even deeper into your skin and you winced. Dongwoo felt your hand press against his chest and that’s when he snapped out of his daze. Dongwoo quickly pulled back *Shit! What the hell did I do?! * You pressed your hand against the two tiny marks on your neck to make it stop bleeding. You had lost so much blood that you were getting woozy. Dongwoo furrowed his eyebrows in concern *I took too much. * He put his arm to his lips and let his fangs slice his skin. Dongwoo put the small cut, where his blood was coming out, to your lips and softly whispered, “Drink. ” You couldn’t protest. You started sucking on his blood.
His blood was stronger and surging with energy and power that even a little bit of it made you feel instantly better. Soon, you fell into a deep, satisfied sleep. Dongwoo caught your body and lifted you up. He gently laid you on the bed and pulled the covers over you. After making sure you wouldn’t wake up, Dongwoo left. Woohyun came running, “I smelled poison. Is everything okay?! ” Dongwoo glanced back at your room, “It will be. ” He left. Woohyun sniffed the air and his eyes widened. He could smell a mix of your and Dongwoo’s blood. Woohyun stared at his back *No way…* Sungyeol woke up in his sleep and sat up in bed.
He looked to the door. He could notice the scent of your blood anywhere. Sunggyu, Sungjong, L, Hoya smelled it also. For some reason, your blood tempted them the most. It called to them where they were forbidden to go. They didn’t know why your blood was the sweetest to them. It was wrong and wasn’t supposed to happen because you were their half-sibling. This kind of attraction only happened between lovers. Maybe, just maybe, you weren’t meant to just be their half-sister. Perhaps, they all thought, you were meant to be something more. Sungjong’s Garden The next day, you didn’t go to school. Instead, you were at the greenhouse.
Protective shading surrounded the place since the sun was still up. You were curled up in a chair with a white bandage on your neck. You were staring at a wilted rose with your chin resting on your arm. Your eyelids sadly lowered and you gently touched the rose. A dead petal fell onto the table. *This flower is just like me. * You thought. Out of nowhere, a pale hand reached out and touched the flower. It glowed and sprang back to life. The rose was bright red now and appeared healthier than ever. You slowly looked up. Sungjong was standing there with a small, gentle smile. He took the fragile petal and held it up to you.
You stared at it in his palm. Sungjong folded his fingers over the petal and then reopened his hand. Your eyes widened. The petal was as good as new. It was soft, red, and beautiful. Sungjong held his hand out. You looked at him. He gave you an encouraging nod. You eagerly held your palms out. Sungjong gently placed the petal in them. A smile lit your face. Then you suddenly stopped and warily looked up at him. “You can smile around me. ” Sungjong whispered. His voice was soft and gentle like a warm, spring breeze. It warmed your heart and made you feel comfortable. Sungjong went around the greenhouse.
He touched each flower and it sprang to life. Sungjong waved his hands over a pile of leaves and water fell over them. “Do you know who takes care of these? ” He asked. ‘Maid? ’ You signed. Sungjong didn’t even have to read your sign language to figure out your answer, “No. Me. ” Your eyes flickered in surprise. “I like plants. ” Sungjong snapped his fingers and the water disappeared. “It’s alive and actually needs love and care like us to grow…” He turned around and gazed at you, “Flowers are beautiful, don’t you think? ” You stared back at him. Sungjong was saying this because he knew what you had been thinking. He wasn’t a mind reader.
He just knew a lot of things about you. Both of you were similar in many ways: quiet, liking peace, wanting more than to be just a monstrous vampire. Sungjong remembered the day he had first smelled your blood. That was the first time he ever wanted to be so violent. But he had held back because of his love for you. ‘Mianhae. I won’t come here anymore. ’ You stood up. “No, come. ” Sungjong whispered. You looked at him. He met your eyes and tenderly smiled, “You’re the only one who appreciates my garden. ” You softened. Sungjong left and you gazed at the rose petal in your hand. You stroked it *Yes…flowers are beautiful. In the Garden Things were starting to look up again. You spent a lot of time in the greenhouse with Sungjong. The two of you had been coming closer and closer. Finally, one of your half-brothers was starting to feel like real siblings, to you anyways. You were oblivious to all the attractions every single one of your half-brothers had for you. You watched Sungjong as he tenderly took care of the garden that was looking more beautiful each and every day. The way he cared for the greenery amazed you. Sungjong caught a butterfly and placed it in your palms. Your face brightened. It stayed in your hands and fluttered its beautiful wings.
You raised your hands towards the sky. The butterfly flew away and you smiled. Sungjong smiled at you. You looked down to see a pink rose that had been stepped on. You bent down and gently picked it up. You frowned as you stroked the dirty petal. You tugged on Sungjong’s sweater. He turned his head towards you. With sad eyes, you held the flower out. Sungjong looked at you, softly smiled, and took the rose. He folded his fingers over it and opened them again. Your eyes widened with fascination. You loved this little trick of his. The flower was back to its healthy state. It was rosy pink and full of budding petals.
It was like it had never been destroyed at all. You reached for it but Sungjong gently stuck it in your hair. You looked at him. He smiled and gazed at the flower, “Beautiful…” You thought he meant the flower and smiled in agreement. You saw a red rose and reached out. Your eyes flickered in pain and you drew your hand back. The thorn had cut your finger. A drop of your blood oozed out. Before you could wipe it away, Sungjong took your hand. He stuck your finger in his mouth and surprise crossed your face. Sungjong took your finger out and gazed at it *Her blood tastes just like I imagined: sweet and wonderful.
The best thing I’ve ever tasted. * He looked at you. You blinked with round eyes *What did oppa do? * Sungjong just smiled and put your arm back by your side. You couldn’t help but stare at your finger *What just happened? * The end of his patience Late at night, you were thirsty so you snuck downstairs to the kitchen. You quietly opened the cabinet and pulled out a glass. You tip-toed over to the refrigerator. There was blood, blood, and…more blood. Your shoulders deflated *Isn’t there just plain water? * Suddenly, someone called, “~~~~~~~? ” You spun around and accidentally dropped the wine glass.
Woohyun and you both looked down at the damage. He said, “Don’t move. I’ll go get a broom-“ You started picking up the glass. One sharp piece pierced your skin. You stood up and looked at your hand in dismay. Woohyun’s eyebrows furrowed in concern, “You okay-“ Then he smelled it. The sweet, forbidden temptation that he had resisted for a long, long time. *Damn. * Woohyun stepped back, covering his nose and mouth. Y ou furrowed your eyebrows in confusion *What’s wrong with oppa? * You signed, ‘Are you okay? ’. You took a step closer but he quickly went back and held out his hand, “DON’T COME CLOSER. You froze with wide eyes *I don’t understand. Did I offend him? * *SHIT. * Woohyun squeezed his eyes shut and gritted his teeth. He was the most patient and calmest out of his half-brothers. And yet, even he couldn’t resist the flaming desire burning his heart. A drop of your blood fell onto the ground. In one fluid movement, you were pinned against the cabinets. Your eyes widened in shock. Woohyun had a strong grasp around your wrists. You tried to twist away but failed. He was way too powerful for you. “Stop…struggling. You’re…making it…harder…for me. ” Woohyun breathed. *How? * Baffled, you peered at him.
You couldn’t see his face because his head was lowered. His face was hidden in the shadows and black bang fell over his eyes. You glanced at your wet hand and winced. It was starting to hurt. You bit your lip and twisted your foot uncomfortably. How could you communicate with him? Your hands were bind tightly so you couldn’t do sign language. You lightly knocked your head against his. Woohyun finally got the hint. *Calm down. If you hurt her now, you won’t be able to forgive yourself forever. * He sighed and stepped back. You lightly massaged your sore wrists. Woohyun took a cloth from a drawer and grasped your injured hand.
He bandaged your hand, “Go back to your room. ” You nodded and scurried off. Woohyun sighed *That was close. * He spotted a bit of your blood on his hand. Woohyun warily took a lick. He had to clench his fist and use all his will power not to go attacking you at the moment. You shut your door and leaned against it. You glanced at your bandaged hand *What was going on back there? These days, so many strange things are happening with my oppas. * Attack You went back to school. Just because you had been ill, didn’t give you any mercy. Students still looked down at you. They hissed your way and made your days miserable without an end.
Moonjoo still bullied you but at least he had stopped trying to burn you. It was a rainy day. Class ended and you started to pack up. Everyone left and you were the last to leave. Suddenly, Moonjoo blocked your way. You looked up at him. “Say ‘excuse me’ and I’ll let you leave. ” He sneered. You signed, ‘Excuse me. ’ “What the hell? What are you trying to say? ” Moonjoo furrowed his eyebrows, offended. You waved your hands to motion what you were talking about. He shook his head, “For all I know, you could’ve been cussing me out. ” You tried to leave but Moonjoo shut the door. “Say ‘excuse me’. ” He growled, “Is that so hard? You rubbed your hands together in plea, ‘Please. Let me go. ’ “Not unless you say those two words. You don’t want to be rude, do you? ” He smirked. You ran for the door. “I said you can’t go! ” Moonjoo grabbed your wrist and threw you back. The bandage from your hand came off and you landed on the ground. “You little bitch-“ He started towards you then stopped. His eyes dropped to the bloody bandage on the ground. Moonjoo picked it up and sniffed it. He stiffened. Moonjoo tightly gripped the bandage in his hand. His eyes became a red color. You started crawling backwards with a wary, alarmed look *This doesn’t look too good. Moonjoo crouched and growled lowly. His fangs protruded from his mouth. Your eyes widened in horror. Moonjoo dashed towards you. You quickly sprang up and ran to the door. Before you could unlock it, you felt a sharp pain in your neck. You struggled but Moonjoo kept a tight hold on you as he started drinking your blood. *I have to get out! * With shaking hands, you tried to unlock the door. Your vision was becoming blurrier and your mind swirled with dizziness. You were losing a lot of blood and that wasn’t good. Especially when you hadn’t been drinking any. The last time you had some blood was from Dongwoo.
Right when you twisted the doorknob, you blacked out. BAM! The door burst open. Sunggyu’s eyes widened. He threw Moonjoo off of you. Before Moonjoo could attack you again, Hoya and Dongwoo pinned him into the wall. Sunggyu swept you up bridal style and carried you out. “You’re dead. ” Dongwoo hissed, grabbed Moonjoo by the throat, and carried him out. Hoya went with him. L, Sungyeol, Woohyun, and Sungjong followed Sunggyu to your room. Sunggyu gently sat you down. He stooped down in front of you and grasped your arms. He peered at your face, “~~~~~~~~~~-ah. ” Your eyes slowly opened. Relief filled your half-brothers. Are you all right? ” Sunggyu asked. You glanced at your shoulder. Blood was stained on your uniform. ‘I…think so. ’ You weakly signed. “She won’t stop bleeding. ” Sungjong quietly spoke. “Move. ” Sungyeol stepped in. He lightly pressed his hand against your throat. Immediately, the wounds closed and stopped bleeding. “~~~~~, did Moonjoo drink your blood? ” Sunggyu asked. You nodded. “Did you…drink his? ” He anxiously questioned. You shook your head. Sunggyu sighed in relief. It would’ve been horrible if you had and he wouldn’t have known how to assess the situation. “Why don’t you… get some rest? ” Sunggyu suggested.
He nodded at the others and they left. “Where’s Dongwoo and Hoya? ” Sunggyu asked. “They went to take care of Moonjoo. ” Woohyun said. “What do we do now? ” L asked. “Nothing. ” Sunggyu said. L opened his mouth to protest but he said, “We should just be glad she’s safe now… and that she didn’t blood bond with him. ” The others were silent. “Now let’s go. Leave ~~~~~~~~~ to rest. ” Sunggyu left. Sungjong, Woohyun, and L followed. Sungyeol took a step and stopped. He glanced at his hand. Your blood was on it. Sungyeol unconsciously pulled his hand closer. He could smell your blood now. Sungyeol wanted to taste it.
But at the last minute, he turned away. Sungyeol quickly went to the bathroom and washed his hand. Red water went down the train. He sighed and dried his hands *That was close. * I must love you That night after you recovered, you went out to the balcony for some fresh air. You rested your arms on the railing and deeply inhaled. “What are you doing out here? It’s cold. ” A voice said. You looked up. Sungyeol rested his arms on the railing and looked out at the scenery. ‘I felt stuffy inside. ’ You signed. He nodded in understanding. ‘What are you doing out here? ’ You asked. “Sundown is the only time I can come out.
I want to take advantage of that. ” Sungyeol shrugged. You sympathized with him as well. You loved the outdoors. It was too bad the sun could kill you. You sighed and rested your chin on your arms. Sungyeol looked at you. He saw the bandage on your neck, “Is your neck…okay? ” You self-consciously touched it and nodded. ‘What happened to Moonjoo? ’ You asked. “Hoya and Dongwoo took care of him. ” Sungyeol bitterly said. You bit your lip. You didn’t want to ask for any more details. Sungyeol looked at you, “You must have been scared. ” You nodded. He furrowed his eyebrows, “Why didn’t you scream for help then? You know we would’ve come. You looked at him, and signed, ‘Oppa, you know I don’t talk. ’ “I know. ” Sungyeol said, frustrated. He turned back to the view and lowered his head, “I just really wish you would stop being stubborn and speak. Especially in a situation like this. ” You looked away. There was an awkward atmosphere again. You changed the subject, ‘Why is everyone attacking me lately? ’ “Someone else attacked you. ” Sungyeol furrowed his eyebrows. You shook your head, ‘Not in a really bad way, except for Moonjoo. Woohyun and Dongwoo oppas acted weird around me. Is it because I’m half-human? Am I so different? Am I…bad? ’ Sungyeol softly gazed at you *No.
Not at all. * He noticed a white and pinkish cloth wrapped around your hand, “What is that? ” You held it out and signed, ‘A small cut’. You untied the cloth. Immediately, the air was filled with the scent of your blood. Sungyeol’s knuckles turned white as he squeezed the railing. You were wondering why he grew stiff all of a sudden. ‘Oppa, you okay? You’re pale. ’ You said, concerned. Sungyeol grasped your injured hand. You winced at the sudden pressure. Sungyeol started pulling your hand towards his lips *I want to…no, I can’t…but it wouldn’t hurt to just take a lick…but I’ll scare her…* He struggled internally.
Sungyeol looked up and stopped. The way you were looking at him made him rethink. He didn’t want to put fear in those beautiful, pure eyes that he had fallen in love with. All his desire and lust disappeared from your one curious/baffled look. Sungyeol lowered your hand and gently squeezed it. A warm glow appeared in your hand. You pulled back and stared at your hand. The cut had disappeared. *I must love you. * Sungyeol thought, a bit amused and wary. ‘Thank you, oppa. ’ You gave him a small smile. His heart went ba-bump. He was at a loss for words. That happened whenever you smile, which wasn’t often. Sungyeol just nodded.
You left and he sighed. Sungyeol stared at his hand, which had held yours for a brief but heavenly moment. *The thing that Moonjoo and I have in common is that we both want your blood more than anyone else’s in the world. The difference between Moonjoo and I is that I would hold back my deepest desire to see you safe and happy. * “If I could resist your blood better than Woohyun does…” He whispered, “I really must be in love with you. More than I thought I was…” *This isn’t good. * Sungyeol thought. Yet, he didn’t want to give the feelings up. Instead, he wanted to show you how much he truly loved and cared for you. Birthday
It was your birthday. It wasn’t a happy day. In fact, you never celebrated it. Why? Because your mother passed away when you were born. You had always felt guilty because of that. She could’ve have been living a happy, ignorant life if it hadn’t been for you. You dragged yourself out of bed and went to school. The sun was gone and study sessions were over. Before going to the manor, you stopped by the restroom. You overheard a bunch of girls talking about you, ‘”So wait. The mute freak in our class is actually half-human? ” The others nodded. “What the hell! She doesn’t even belong in this school then! ” She shrieked. I know! ” The girls scoffed. Those comments didn’t even hurt you anymore. You started to wash your hands when you heard, “So, her mom was a human? ” You froze. You shifted your gaze to the girls. The water kept pouring out of the faucet. “Yup. ” One short-haired girl nodded, “A failure in life. ” You swallowed hard. “Is that woman still living? ” Another girl asked. “Pfft. Please. You think the freak would be here if she was? She died right away. ” The short-haired girl replied. Your hands started to tremble. A sinking feeling came in your stomach. You grew pale and your heart hurt. You were going to be sick any moment. It’s all that freak’s fault. That weak human has no fault. I wonder if she knows. ” A girl shrugged. “Man, if I was her, I wouldn’t be able to live. I mean, kill your own mother? ” Another rolled her eyes. *I was right. * Tears fell down your face *It is ALL my fault. * You dashed out of the bathroom. ——- L was looking around for you. It was your birthday and he didn’t want you to be alone. He was planning to walk home with you. *I hope she’s not mad or sad or think that we’ve forgotten. We just couldn’t do anything about it because we were at school. * L sighed and rubbed the back of his neck *I guess she went back home already. “L. ” Sungyeol appeared. He turned around. “Have you seen ~~~~~~~~~? ” Sungyeol asked. L shook his head, “I was just looking for her. ” *Maybe she went home. * Sungyeol nodded and left. He went back to the manor and went to your room but you weren’t there. *Where can she be? * Sungyeol turned around to meet Woohyun, “Is ~~~~ in there? ” He was holding a gift box in his hand. Sungyeol shook his head, “I can’t find her. ” “Maybe she’s still at school. ” Woohyun said. “…Maybe. ” But Sungyeol had a bad feeling in his stomach. His eyes widened in realization *Oh no. * He started running. Let me save you
You were standing at the top of Woolim High. You were looking below at the ground. You grew nauseated but you refused to look away. It was a long way down. If a vampire jumped, he/she wouldn’t even get a scratch. If a human jumped, they would die instantly. But if you jumped…you were willing to find out. You hoped it had the same result as a human. You looked at the knife in your hand. You had tried this way so many times but it hadn’t exactly worked. You were gravely injured or near the point of death, but somehow you had managed to live. *Should I try again? Maybe it’ll work. * You gripped the knife and moved it towards your chest.
Out of nowhere, arms came around you from behind and tightly grasped your hands. You looked to the side. Sungyeol was gazing at the knife in your hands, “Don’t. ” You struggled but he wouldn’t release you. Sungyeol tightened his hold around you instead. “I’m not going to just stand by and watch you do this to yourself anymore. ” He whispered. “Do you know how much you kill me inside every time you do something like this? ” You softened. You felt even guiltier now. *This is what I do to everyone around me. I always make them uneasy. Everything would be better if I was just gone. * “Come on. ” Sungyeol soothingly murmured, “Let’s go home. He gently pulled you back from the edge. But you yanked away and whirled around. Sungyeol blinked at you in shock. You looked at him. He couldn’t read your expression. It was totally unpredictable what you were about to do next. Sungyeol took a step towards you. You quickly scrambled over the railing. “YAH! ” He shouted in shock. You glanced down. You started to grow sick again. The edge was thin and wouldn’t support you if you made one wrong move. You tightly held onto the railings until your knuckles turned pale. You were sharking terribly hard and started to hyperventilate. “Take my hand. ” Sungyeol reached out.
You swallowed hard and didn’t even look at him. He gave you a hard look, “TAKE. MY. HAND. NOW. ” You slowly took one hand off the railing. You slightly wavered. “No! ” Sungyeol tried to put your hand back on the railing but you kept pushing him away. Any more movement and you would fall. Sungyeol sighed. This was going to be more difficult than he thought. Suddenly, Sungyeol had an idea. He swiftly hopped over the railing. You stared at him. Sungyeol was holding onto the railings but he leaned forward without fear. ‘What are you doing?! ’ You panicked. “If you’re going to jump, I might as well, too. ” He shrugged. Don’t be ridiculous. You won’t die! ’ You signed with one hand. “I know. ” Sungyeol looked at you, “But I can catch you. ” Your face fell. “Go ahead. ” He dared with a nod towards the black darkness, “Jump. It’ll be useless, though. I’m going to catch you anyways. ” Sungyeol determined, “I will catch you. I’m never going to let you fall again. ” He meant it in more ways than one. Your heart began to melt. Your expression softened. “I told you, didn’t I? That I won’t just stand by and watch you hurt yourself? ” Sungyeol softened and held his hand out, “Come here I promise. I’ll protect you. I’m here for you. You’re not alone.
You never were. Why can’t you realize that? ” You glanced towards the ground and swallowed hard. Truth was, you were so scared. You wanted to die but you were too afraid to. “Think about everyone that’s going to be devastated if you jump now. Father. Sunggyu. Dongwoo. Hoya. Woohyun. L. Sungyeol…me. ” Sungyeol whispered the last part. “We all care for you. I know it’s hard to believe but I’m not lying. I’m sorry we weren’t nice to you sooner. We wanted to be but we couldn’t. We were afraid, just like you were. It’s all our fault. We should’ve treated you better. ” Tears rapidly fell down your face and you shut your eyes. Please. ” Sungyeol begged. He came closer, “Come to me right now. Don’t take yourself away from me. Let me save you. ” You opened your eyes and looked at him. Sincerity filled his eyes. Sungyeol held out a hand out and whispered, “Take my hand, ~~~~~~-ah…” Slowly, you reached out. You placed your hand in his. In one swift movement, he had grasped your hand, tugged you close, and jumped back over the railing. You were safely on the rooftop now. The both of you sank onto the ground. Sungyeol tightly squeezed you. You sobbed into his chest. The door burst open and the rest of your half-brothers spilled in.
Their eyes widened *She tried to kill herself again?! * They had thought the worst was over but they had been wrong. They felt guilty for assuming wrong. You cried hard. Sungyeol held you tightly and stroked your head. “I’m sorry. ” He kept whispering. Your half-brothers lowered their heads in sadness. You clutched onto Sungyeol. He sighed, both glad that you hadn’t jumped and sad that you were crying. Sungyeol rested his cheek against your head and gently rocked you side to side, “It’s okay…it’ll be okay now. ” I won’t hide Sungyeol carried you to your bedroom and gently lay you on your bed. You had already fallen asleep.
He tenderly wiped a forgotten tear away *Once more, it had been a sad birthday for you. * Sungyeol quietly slipped out of the room. “How is she? ” His half-brothers anxiously asked. “She’ll be fine…” He glanced back at your door, “I think. ” Your half-brothers were distressed. They couldn’t stop feeling guilty and remorseful. Maybe this had all been their fault for being ignorant. “What can we do to help? ” Sungjong asked. “I think…” Sungyeol looked at them, “That we shouldn’t hide anymore. ” “Hide? What are you talking about? ” Dongwoo furrowed his eyebrows. Sungyeol glared at him, “Don’t act stupid.
You’re the one that doesn’t want to- no, can’t- hide your feelings for ~~~~~~~. You already blood-bonded with her. ” His half-brothers stared at him in shock. He was bringing up the one touchy, forbidden subject. The one they all tried hard to keep hush about. Even in the vampire world, it was scandalous for siblings to be in love. “Sungyeol-“ Sunggyu started but he continued, “The more you act cold towards her to hide your feelings…the more she’ll be hurt. ” Sungyeol shook his head, “We thought we were protecting her by doing that but we were wrong. Look at her. ” He looked to your room, “She’s a mess.
She doesn’t think anyone loves her when actually, she has 7 guys in love with her. ” His half-brothers uncomfortably looked away. “I don’t know about you…” Sungyeol looked at them seriously, “But I’m not going to hide in the shadows anymore. There’s no more reason to if it’s having the opposite effect of what I want for her. ” Sungyeol left. He felt fresh now. Pandora’s Box had finally been released but he had never felt better. The others looked at each other. They were all considering Sungyeol’s words. *He’s right. What is there to be afraid of? We’ve only been keeping our feelings for her to ourselves because we thought we would hurt her.
But it turns out that we were the ones hurting her all along. We can’t do that anymore. We have to set things right from now on. We have to do what’s best for her. We have to make her…happy. * Is this a dream? The next morning, you startled awake. You looked at the clock and sighed in relief. It was a Saturday so there was no school. You showered, wore a pink dress, and went downstairs. Mr. Woo wasn’t there but your half-brothers were already eating. You sat by Sungjong. You tugged on his sweater and signed, ‘Where’s father? ’ “He went to a meeting. ” He replied. “Eat your food. ” Sungjong put the napkin on your lap and snapped his fingers.
The maid came and put the food down. You looked around at your 7 half-brothers. For some reason, the atmosphere seemed lighter. Their faces appeared relaxed and comfortable. *Did something good happen? * You wondered *Or are they all being cautious around me because of what happened last night? * You thoughtfully took a bite of your food. Your half-brothers finished and left the table. All except L. You felt self-conscious as he watched. ‘Why aren’t you leaving? ’ “Because you’re not done. ” L sat on Sungjong’s seat. ‘It’s okay. You can go. ’ You signed. He shook his head, “I don’t want you to be alone. ” You softened.
He had never done something like this before. You carefully finished your food. “You have something here. ” L said. You touched the left corner of your lips. “No, here. ” He reached for your face and gently stroked the crumb off the right corner of your mouth. You jumped at the electricity that shot through you at his touch. You looked into his eyes and he stared right back. “Miss, may I take this away? ” The maid asked. You snapped out of your daze and nodded. You bowed to L and ran upstairs. You glanced back and sighed in relief *That was strange. * You bumped into someone and looked up. Your eyes widened. Hoya gazed dow

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