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 Frequently Asked Questions

At Course Scholar, our aim is to offer academic help to all students all over the world in more than 80 subjects and meet all their academic needs. To order a service from us, press on the “order now button”. This process will only take a few minutes of your time as the process is fast and simple. The following is the process involved from the time the order is placed until your complete paper is delivered.

  • Fill in the order form.

Immediately you press the “order now” button, you will be provided with the order form. Ensure you indicate all specific order instructions when filling the order form. If you have certain source materials you want the writer to use in processing your order, please ensure you upload these materials. In case of any challenge when filling the order form, do not hesitate to contact our support team for assistance.

  • Proceed with the payment

Once you are done filling the order form place your order and proceed to make payments using the most suitable payment method. After you have made payment for your order, you will be provided with a “personal order page” automatically. The personal order page is very important as this is where you can track the progress of your order, communicate with the writer assigned your order or our support team, and give additional order instructions.

  • A writer is assigned your order.

Immediately you make payments and the payments are authorized, our support team will select the most qualified writer in your field who is capable of handling the assignment. This writer is assigned your order and is expected to start working on your order as soon as possible. In case of any question regarding your order, the writer can send you a message via your personal order page or our support team can contact you via the email you have shared on your account.

  • Your paper is completed and delivered.

Once the writer is done researching and writing your paper, it is passed to one of our expert editors who goes through the paper to check for mistakes and to ensure all order instructions were carefully followed. The paper is then passed through our plagiarism detecting software to ensure the paper is original and was written from scratch.

After ensuring your order is complete and well written, it is delivered to your personal order page as a PDF document which is available for preview only. You can review the paper and request a free revision in case you find errors. If the paper is okay, approve the paper to have it provided as an MS Word document which is the editable and printable version of the paper. For any free revision request, ensure you set the paper on revision within 14 days from the time the order was delivered. Please read our Revision Policy to get more information on the same.

Frequently asked questionsQuestions

  1. Do you offer free revisions?

Yes. Your paper will be revised free of charge if the revision is requested within 14 days from the date the paper was approved and as long as revision instructions are consistent with the initial order instructions. You have to show that our writer was unable to work on your order as per the initial instructions. In a case where you want to alter the initial order instructions, you will be charged a certain fee to stand for the added instructions. To learn more on our terms for free and paid revisions, please read our Revision Policy.

2. Do you help with urgent assignments?

Yes, our expert academic writers can handle orders with a very short deadline. No matter the field or level of study, your paper will be delivered as fast as possible. Urgent orders which require not more than 3 pages can be delivered within 4 hours while those with more pages can be delivered within 8 hours. If your order is too long and very urgent, it might be handled by several writers specialized in that field. For the writer to submit your order as fast as possible, please make sure you provide them with all the information and files they need.

3. What type of papers do you write?

We write all types of academic papers as our writers are highly trained and can handle almost all types of academic works. We offer essay help in all subjects and topics. Apart from essays, we also help with book reviews and reports, speeches, business proposals, and any other type of writing. If you do not see what you are looking for in the order form, please choose the “other” choice and explain what your paper is about. We write different types os papers some examples include


   4. What subjects do you write on?

We offer academic help in more than 80 disciplines and in all levels of education starting from high school, college, degree, master’s, and Ph.D. When filling the order form, if you do not find your subject in the discipline box choose the “other” button and you will be provided with an option to type the name of your subject. This means that you should not worry if you can’t find your subject on our list.

    5. Is getting an online essay help ethical?

Yes. Getting assignment help is ethical as we provide original model papers that can be used legally in the following ways if they are referenced carefully.

  • To provide you with arguments and ideas for your paper.
  • To help you get a better understanding of the topic.
  • To provide you with sources to cite your work.

To make conscious decisions before using our services, please check the policies of your institution and their definition of paraphrasing and plagiarism.


   6. Why should I choose you over your competitors?

Most of these online academic writing companies do not offer original papers. They have a database for pre-written papers. When they write essays for you, they copy and paste sentences from the pre-written essays and claim the papers are original.

At course scholar, we do not have a database for pre-written essays, and all our essays are written from scratch and as per the customer’s specific instructions. If you place your order with us you can be sure to receive a high-quality and error-free paper.

This because our writers are highly qualified with most of them being holders of bachelor’s degrees, masters, and Ph.D. from the most reputable universities in the world. We also have a team of honest and hardworking writers who ensure all customer needs are taken care of.

     7. How long do I have to wait to get a quote for a large order?

For a large order such as dissertations, you will have to wait for 3 to 12 hours to get an initial quote. This will give us enough time to go through the instructions and ensure we have a writer capable of working on your order. We do not just assign any available writer to any order as we have to select a writer who is qualified in that field. We do not have a database of pre-written essays and thus all our orders are written from scratch which needs more time. Your order is made available to several qualified writers who review the instructions. If some of the writers can handle your order, we will select the best and most qualified and this is when we develop and send a quote to you.

      8. How do I pay for my order?

Course scholar accepts payments through PayPal which is an online payment method as it is fast and very secure. We also accept payment through all the major credit and debit cards.

     9. Can I cancel the order I have paid for?

If you decide to cancel an order that you have already paid for, please ensure you do it as early as possible to get a 100% refund. This is because the amount of refund you get depends on the amount of work that a writer has done on your order. Canceling an order that has not been assigned to a writer or that a writer has not started working on will earn you a 100% refund. If the writer assigned your order has already started working on it, the amount of refund will depend on the amount of work done and time spent in working on your order as the writer has to be compensated for his/her effort and time. To determine the percentage of refund you can get if a writer has already started working on your order, please read our Money-Back Guarantee.

    10. How do you ensure your papers are plagiarism-free?

Our writers have been highly trained and are aware of the negative effects that plagiarism can make on the academic life of a student. All our papers are written from scratch and passed through a plagiarism detector to ensure they are original. You can also receive a plagiarism report on the delivery of your product upon request.

To check for plagiarism on our orders, we use our in-house plagiarism detecting software which, unlike other systems, does not report to any public database and this makes it safer. This software can identify both copy-pasted and paraphrased pieces of work from the original sources.

We have a Plagiarism-Free Guarantee that ensures all our papers are original. Although we can guarantee to have all your papers free from plagiarism against open internet sources and some databases, it can be hard to guarantee no plagiarism against all internet sources except by using Turnitin. If you think your paper is plagiarized, you can check it using the WriteCheck on Turnitin and send us the report. In case the report shows traces of plagiarism, your paper will be revised free of charge.

     11. Do you have a database for pre-written essays?

No. All our papers are written from scratch and as per the customer’s specific instructions and academic needs. Your paper is original and has not been published online for commercial purposes and it will not be published later on after it has been delivered to you.

    12.  Do you offer PowerPoint presentations?

Yes. In our team of expert academic writers, we have several writers who have trained and specialized in creating PowerPoint presentations for professional and academic needs. At Course Scholar you can get expert PowerPoint presentation help in any field or subject. Feel free to contact us with your PowerPoint presentation instructions and you won’t be disappointed.

    13. Do you offer a money-back guarantee?

Yes, we have a money-back guarantee that shows cases in which you can get a partial or full refund. To learn more about our terms and types of refunds, please read our Money-back Guarantee page.

     14.  What if the writer assigned my paper has an emergency?

In some very rare cases, your writer might get an emergency, and thus they might not be in a position to complete and deliver your order within the set deadline. In this case, we will assign your order to another writer who has qualifications in handling assignments in this field of study. If no writer is available, then our team which is made up of academic experts will handle your paper and ensure it is delivered on time and all assignment instructions are strictly followed.

      15. Are your writers qualified?

All our writers are highly qualified in their different fields of expertise. All of them are holders of a bachelor’s degree while others have masters and Ph.D. The writers also pass through a series of tests during the process of hiring to ensure they have knowledge and experience in the different formatting styles and can handle all types of academic papers.

   16.  How will my paper be delivered?

In most cases, all your papers will be delivered to your personal order page on or before the order deadline. When filling the order form you must indicate the deadline of your order which is strictly followed and thus you should be sure to receive your completed paper on time. You will receive an email notification immediately your paper is completed and delivered to your personal order page. In case you want your paper delivered in any other way, do not hesitate to contact our support team for assistance.

       17.   Can I contact my writer directly?

No. You can only contact your writer through a special messenger on your personal order page. This special messenger allows you to chat with your writer at any time of the day or night. If the writer sends you a message via the special messenger, you will receive an email notification. Although you will receive an email notification, you should check your order page regularly to ensure you do not miss any important message from the writer.

      18. Can I delete my account?

Deleting your account is not a hard task as you can do it yourself. Before deleting your account, it is important to note that it will not be possible to restore the history of your orders in the future for an accumulative discount.

If you are certain you want to delete your account, please contact our support team for assistance through any of the available modes of communication. You can read more on your Privacy Policy page to learn more about how we collect, store, and use your personal data and the rights you have regarding the personal data we hold about you.

  1. Will you sell my paper later on?

No. All our papers are written from scratch. Even in a case where a topic is repeated, the order will be written from scratch and with no reference to the previous order. This means that there is no chance of your paper being duplicated. You should never share your essays with third parties as the people you share your papers with might end up duplicating them and thus making your paper plagiarized.

  1. How confidential are your services?

At Course Scholar, we use a secure encrypted connection and our Privacy Policy complies with the GDPR. We do not keep any private data that we do not need so immediately we are done working with you, all your private data will be erased. We do not pass any customer information to unauthorized third parties and no one will ever know that you are working with us.

In the process of placing your order, you will be requested to share some personal information such as your name, email address and phone number. This information is important as it is used in creating your personal account and also for communication in case we need to pass some information to you and we never use your contact details to spam you.

When we request your personal data, we never ask you to provide your credit card information via call. Thus you should always be very careful when someone calls claiming to be from Course Scholar and requesting such sensitive data. Do not communicate with such callers. Most communication from us to you will be passed via email or through your personal order page. Never share your account details and password with anyone as they might be used to access your account illegally.

To learn more about how your personal information is collected, stored and used, please read our Privacy Policy page.

  1. After how long will my paper be delivered?

At Course Scholar, the clients set deadlines for their orders which are strictly followed by our writers. When setting the deadline for your order, ensure you give the writer enough time to work on your paper. We always try as much as possible to ensure all orders are delivered on time. This means that your order will be delivered on or before the order deadline.

It is also important to set your deadline before the actual deadline to ensure you leave out time for a possible revision in case you are not fully satisfied with the first version of your paper.

  1. What do I do if am not fully satisfied with the paper delivered to me?

We always try our best to ensure all our papers fully satisfy clients’ needs. In a rare case where the paper does not satisfy your needs, please feel free to request a free revision by pressing the “set order on revision” button on your personal order page.

When setting an order on revision, please ensure you give the specific revision instructions which should not go against the initial instruction. Also, ensure you set a new deadline for the revision. You can request to have a different writer revise your paper if you feel the previous writer was not good enough. In this case, you might have to give us up to 12 hours for us to get a writer who is available and able to handle your order.

  1. Where do I upload files to be used in processing my paper?

Immediately you make payments for your first order, you are provided with a personal order page. If you did not upload materials/files with your order form please go to your personal order page and press the “files” button. Ensure you upload everything you deem important in facilitating the processing of your order. You can use the special messenger to communicate with your writer to inform them how the materials are to be used. Apart from providing you with an easy way to upload files and communicate with your writer, the personal order page also provides you with a platform to track all your orders, payments, discounts, and statuses.

  1. What if my paper is delivered past the order deadline/do you guarantee on-time delivery?

If your paper is due and it has not been delivered to your personal order page, please contact our support department immediately. This is because the lateness of your paper might have been caused by different reasons spam filters being one of them. We might have sent you an important email that went to the spam filters in your email.

Contact us as soon as possible so we can find out why your paper was not delivered on time. In case the late delivery was caused by our company, you can request a full or partial as per our Money-Back Guarantee according to the time the paper was delivered.

  1. Do I have to reference you in my work?

Whether to reference us in your work or not is your personal decision. You will be responsible for any action you make towards any written work you purchase from us. To be on the safe side, please refer to the guidelines and terms set by your institution to make the right decision.

  1. Can I track the status of my order?

If you want to track the status of your order, please visit your personal order page regularly as every detail concerning your order is posted there. If you realize that the status does not change over a period of time, contact our support team. You can also contact us at any time of the day or night to inquire about the status of your order.

  1. What information do you need to deliver a well-written paper?

For us to deliver a well-written and researched order we will need order instructions such as the title of your order, length, referencing styles and any other special requirement for your order. Upload all the materials you require the writer to use when processing your order when filling the order form. The materials can also be uploaded on your personal order page through the “files” option.

  1. Can I make changes to my paper when in progress?

Yes. You can make changes to your order instructions especially if you made mistakes when filling the order form through your personal order page. The changes can attract an extra fee especially if it increases the number of pages or sources needed or reduces order deadline. In case you want to reduce the volume of your order or the number of sources used please contact our support team for assistance in making the changes.

  1. How are your writers rated and categorized?

In most cases, the writers are rated by clients according to the quality of work they deliver as well as customer satisfaction. Our writers have been categorized into three major groups as follows.

“Best Available”. This refers to a team of expert writers who have gone through a series of tests before joining our team to ensure they can handle all types of assignments. They are also trained in different formatting and referencing styles. This group of writers is closely monitored to ensure they meet all customer needs.

“Advanced writers” refers to a group of expert writers who have worked with us for a long time and have gotten the best ratings from customers who were satisfied with their services. For your order to be handled by a writer in this category, please choose the “advanced writer”. You will have to pay 25% of your initial order price as a fee for guaranteed high-quality content as it has been proved through the ratings from previous clients.

“ENL writers” are writers who are native English speakers. To have your order handled by a writer from this category, you will have to pay an additional fee of 30% of the initial cost as you are assured of the highest quality of work from this team of writers.

The performance of all our writers is evaluated regularly to ensure all our writers deliver quality work that corresponds to their “writer categories”.


  1. Can I change the writer assigned to my order?

When placing your order with us we are responsible for selecting the best writer who is qualified in your level of study and subject as we are aware of each writer’s qualification and performance. If you had ordered a paper with us previously and would like the writer who worked on that paper to work on your current paper, you can request to have the writer assigned your order. In this case, contact our support team as early as possible before your order is assigned to a different writer to make the request. Our support team will check the availability of that writer and inform you whether the writer can work on your order. If the writer is available and able to work on your order and deliver it on time he/she will be assigned your order.

In a case where you doubt whether the writer assigned your order is in a position to work on it, you can request samples of works written by the writer. The samples cost $5 and will help you determine whether the writer can handle your order. You are given 2 hours from the time the samples are delivered to request for a different writer where necessary. It is your responsibility to ensure you review the samples on time. You only have 3 chances to change a writer for each order.

When requesting a revision for your paper, you can request for your paper to be revised by a different writer in which case we might need more time to find an available and qualified writer who can revise your order.

  1. What is a sample service?

This involves requesting samples of written works of a writer assigned your order to determine whether they are able to work on your order. The samples are three randomly generated pages from the orders that had been completed previously by the writer. The samples will show you the styles of writing the writer employs and the quality of work the writer provides. The sample service is offered at a small fee of $5. It allows you to change the writer assigned your order within 2 hours if you believe the writer is not capable of handle your order after reviewing their samples.

  1. What does a complex assignment mean?

A complex assignment is one that requires the writer to have some special knowledge. For a complex assignment, we will have to get a narrow-field specialist whose services are higher than average and you might have to pay up to 20% of the initial cost of the order.

Some disciplines such as physics, chemistry, finance, architecture, IT and thus not stated here are considered complex. The extra fee will be given depending on the discipline and topic of your research paper. In case you choose “other” in the discipline, our team will review your instructions and if they find your assignment complex, you will have to pay an extra fee for the order to be assigned to a specialist in that field.

  1. Did you receive my payment?

Immediately your payment for your order is received and authorized, you will be sent an email with a link to your personal order page where you can track your order status and communicate with the writer assigned your order.

You will use the order page to track your order and if you realize the status does not change, please do not hesitate to contact our support team and inquire about the status.

  1. What is free inquiry?

A free inquiry applies in a case where you think your order is complex and we might not have a writer to work on it and deliver it on time. In this case, you fill and submit the order form without paying for it. We will review your order instructions to determine whether we have an expert writer in a position to handle your order. Different writers might be selected to review your order and determine whether they are able to work on it.

As soon as we are sure we have a writer who is able and available to work on your order, you will be requested to make payments so that the writer can start working on your order. This means that you will only pay when we are sure we are in a position to handle your order with its instructions and within the deadline you set.

  1. What is a progressive delivery order and how does it work?

This is a type of service employed in the delivery of large orders such as dissertations where the order is delivered as soon as it is completed. This service costs 10% of the initial price and it has a lot of benefits which includes:

  • You can make payments in installments.
  • You have close contact with the writer
  • You can give feedback on the completed part.
  • The writer can put into consideration the comments of the previous part when working on the next part thus avoiding a repeat of the same mistake which saves on time.
  • You can review each part of your order separately.

With a progressive delivery, you can be sure to have the end results of your paper fully corresponding with your instructions as mistakes are identified and rectified as early as possible.

  1. What if I forgot my password?

Every time you log in to your account on our website, you will be requested to give your username and password. The username might be your name or your email address. If you are unable to log in to your account as you have forgotten your password, please select the “forgot password” button where you will be requested to key in your email address. You will be emailed with a reactivating link that you will follow to set a new password for your account after which you will be in a position to access your account.

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