Lazarillo de Tormes and the Swindler

/*Class. Project 1*/ import java. io. BufferedReader; import java. io. FileReader; import java. util. StringTokenizer; import java. io. *; import java. math. BigDecimal; import java. util. *; /** * * @author: Huma UmmulBanin Zaidi * @Project:Project1, Data Structure. * Running program looks like: This program finds sum or product of a LARGE numbers of integers. Enter as many integers > 0 as you would like. Enter the numbers: 1 3 5 7 7 5 3 1 Please select the number of one of these options: 1. Sum the numbers in the list 2. Multiply the numbers in the list Your choice: 1
Answer is: 16 Exiting program… */ public class Project1 { //public class ReadFile { // Read lists of numbers from a specified text file. public static void main(String[] args){ if(args. length == 0) System. out. println(“No file specified. “); else { FileReader theFile; BufferedReader inFile; String oneLine; int s; try{ // file not found exception must be caught theFile = new FileReader(args[0]); inFile = new BufferedReader(theFile); while((oneLine = inFile. readLine()) ! = null) { String numbers[] = oneLine. split(“,”); // ” ” for space s = 0; for (int i=0; i<numbers. ength; i++) s=s+Integer. parseInt(numbers[i]); System. out. println(numbers. length + “numbers Processed. There Sum equals” +s+ “. “); } //end while } // else catch (Exception e) {System. out. println(e); } System. out. println(“Test”); BigDecimal n1 = new BigDecimal(“123”); System. out. println(n1); BigDecimal n2 = new BigDecimal (“345”); LargeNumbers a = new LargeNumbers(n1); LargeNumbers b = new LargeNumbers(n2); System. out. println(a. toString()); System. out. println(b. toString()); LargeNumbers. AddNumbers (a,b); LargeNumbers. Multiply (LargeNumbers n); } } } /*class.
LargeNumbers*/ import java. io. BufferedReader; import java. io. InputStreamReader; import java. math. BigDecimal; public class LargeNumbers { // chain off to a non-static method to avoid static errors private Node head; private int size; //constructor LargeNumbers(){ head = null; size = 0; } LargeNumbers(BigDecimal n){ head = new Node(); Node node = new Node(); node = head; BigDecimal d = new BigDecimal(“1000”); while(n. compareTo(n. ZERO) >= 0 ){ Node cur = new Node(); cur. setData(Integer. valueOf(n. remainder(d). intValue())); n = n. divide(d); node. setpNext(cur); node = node. etpNext(); } } public void mainLoop() { int numbers = 0; // Used to store numbers read in Node pHead = null; // head of linked list Node pTemp; // used in new node creation while( numbers ! = -1) { if (numbers ! = -1) { pTemp = new Node(); // Insert at head of list pTemp. setData( numbers); // store the number pTemp. setpNext( pHead); // set the “pointer” pHead = pTemp; // reset the head of the list } }//end while( number… }//end of mainLoop //} public LargeNumbers AddNumbers (LargeNumbers n) { /public static void main(String[] args) { //System. out. println(“Addition of two numbers! “); LargeNumbers sum = new LargeNumbers(); sum. head. getpNext(). setData(this. head. getpNext(). getData()+n. head. getpNext(). getData()); int b = 0; int a = 0; int sum1 = a + b; System. out. println(“Sum: ” + sum1); //} return sum; } public static void AddNumbers(LargeNumbers a, LargeNumbers b) { int n1 = 0; int n2 = 0; int sum1 = n1 + n2; System. out. println(“Sum: ” + sum1); //} } public String toString(){ String str = “”; Node temp = head. getpNext(); while(temp! = null){ str += (temp. etData() + ” “); temp = temp. getpNext(); } //end while return str; } // end toString public LargeNumbers Multiply (LargeNumbers n) { int mul1; int mul2; public static void main(String args[]){ try{ Multiply mul= new Multiply(); int multiplication; BufferedReader object=new BufferedReader(new InputStreamReader(System. in)); System. out. println(“Enter number:”+” “); mul. mul1=Integer. parseInt(object. readLine()); mul. mul2=Integer. parseInt(object. readLine()); System. out. println(“Width is =”+ mul. mul1); System. out. println(“Height is =”+ mul. mul2); multiplication = mul. mul1*mul. ul2; System. out. print(“Multiply number is=”+ multiplication); } catch(Exception e){} } } } /*class. node*/ public class Node { // For simplicity sake assume we only store an integer in each node private Integer data; private Node pNext; // Default Constructor public Node() { data = 0; pNext = null; } // Fully Qualified constructor public Node(Integer data, Node pNext) { this. data = data; this. pNext = pNext; } // get and set methods public void setData( Integer data) { this. data = data; } public Integer getData() { return this. data; } public void setpNext( Node nextNode) { this. Next = nextNode; } // return a reference (the address) of the next node public Node getpNext() { return this. pNext; } // toString allows printing a node public String toString() { return( “” + this. data); } }//end class Node /*data. text*/ 9 4 31,415,926,535 2 0 1,234,567,890 1,734,792 131 1,506,033,005,018,000,029 1,992 23,571 100,000,002,750,004,128,293,702,150,000 9,999,999 9,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999 31,415,926,535 31,415,926,535 3,276,765,535,021 271,828,128,450,945 112,233,445,566,778,899 99,887,766,554,433,221,100 198,719,881,989,199,019,911,992,199,319,941,995 141,421,356

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Lazarillo de Tormes and the Swindler
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