Disadvantages Of Social Networking

In the class, Personal and Professional Development 2 there are 13 students. We all just do some debate preparation. Firstly, we just started to divided into 2 group such as opposing argument and supporting argument. Each group consisted of 6 individuals whereby one becomes event coordinator.

Secondly, we are in the groups just to support and given some ideas and collecting some information. The whole groups are very clear what to do for debate. Then, we decide to do some research regarding for debate topic. Furthermore, our groups are used primary, secondary and tertiary research methods in collecting the information and also used some college library books to get more information. After that, we are still not enough sources to continue our debate.

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Disadvantages Of Social Networking
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As solution the whole groups move to internet. We just find some relate articles to gather more information about our topic. As well we collect all the information then we moves to lecture part. In this part, lecture gives some comment and instructor the way how to conduct the debate. Moreover, lecture given some guideline how to conduct the debate

Argument and lecture comment

In these part, we all ready for the argument. After few minutes our lecture gives instruction to event coordinator to start with the introduction. Event coordinator starts with the introduction that chosen topic was social networking and its advantages and disadvantages. It give a definition to the topic was the social networking now days there was some good and bad activity go on so here there was two groups, opposition group and supporting group.

The first speaker opposing that by means of social networking may influence security issues for individuals who are user of this networking. The user is liable to be victimising in cheat issues, their accounts hacked by third party, and be victim of cyber bullying.

From the second speaker of opposition group was arguing that surf during social networking frequently may guide to informal relationship. This relationship may source problem in our personal life and it involve the relationship through our partner whereby causes dislike within a relationship.

From third speaker, that was I as supporting member that argue regarding telling to the point of view in the organisation whereby using social networking in the organisation may reason the workers not focus on their daily task and it may not complete the task because of spending more time in social networking. It also brings difficulty to be lower the productivity of works in the organisations and affects the production of the organisation.

Fourth speaker was argue about ethical issues linked to the topic of this debate whereby addictive on social networking may show the way to unethical issue and moral value such as upload pornographic pictures, orally sexual harassment, cyber bullying and etc lead the user lose their moral value.

Fifth speaker emphasise on the fake business advertisements on the social networking. The speaker argue that the social networking used as stage to advertise fake advertisement to promote their product and service which may lead to bad advertise.

The other side’s argument

From these side the first points that they argue was chatting via social networks able to expand new relationship, its stage to make new friend from other country, retain existing relations like family members, close friends etc. Futhermore, social networks also lower stage of online business that can maximise of profits, exchange information from other side of country, advantage to education level and last of all related to job opportunity where the user upload the resumes.

To support their points, supporting team did not there any kind of evidence like showing materials but most of proposition group member share their real life experiences to argue their points.

Overall, their arguments very good, they engaged with information related to issue of debates. Most of them enjoyed the debates by arguing their possess point of view related to the debate issue. There are few members was not have of confident to communicate their points of argument on the issues and speak very softly tends not clear about the points that we listen as opposition group.

From the both sides, they had done the debate with their own satisfaction because there was no loser or winner. The both sides have they own good points. From the opposition group are formally very good with point because they have shared they life exeperience related to the issues in order to make our point very strong.

In conclusion, I have learned that we should have the confident through express our point toward the argument and it also need to done some research related on topic before we presented.

E -Journals

Task 1

personal statement

I am a person self-motivated and hardworking. I can handle various tasks at once. I also am willing to learn new tasks and try something different. I am an outgoing person. I am very active and capable to change with new situation. I like sports which have mind using sports such as football, badminton and moreover because it will help on our thinking power.

Key Skill

Personal skills

Professional skills

Hard working

Self motivation

Highly motivated

Communication skills




Effective problem solver

3.0 Personal Skills

I am very hardworking person because I done some research before the discussion session in the class, it also I am highly motivated by my lecture when class going on. It also my responsible to take over my team member and all depend on our self before the discussion.

4.0 Professional Skills

I have the ability in management because I can complete my task without any instruction.It also me help in communication skills to develop and be patience when customer asking something. I am an effective problem solver because I have my own idea to solve it.

Task 2

Critical thinking

Critical thinking is method of thinking in the way about any subject, content, or problem. It also which the way thinker improves the quality of his or her thinking by expertly taking charge of the structures inborn in thinking and impressive thinker standards in the lead them. Arguments are on the whole, which communicate the main idea of the paragraph. Scholarly argument is an argument obtainable by both sides with objectives and decided.

Moreover there are two common types of argument such as descriptive and critical argument. Descriptive arguments are straightforward with no supporting reasons and critical arguments are exact with supporting reasons.

As I am a manager critical thinking and scholarly argument can be roles because I can critically enables analysis and also have the ability to build logical decision on critical thinking. Scholarly arguments be able to be complete by myself when I am a manager when I am performance my reports and presentation. Furthermore, it also benefits me in the future.

Task 3

Critical reading

Critical reading means designed to help you to understand and take on this active reading process more successfully so that you can become a better critical reader. It also to know the goal of finding a better understanding of a material and to focus on analyzing and evaluating when we are reading as we progress. The purpose of reading is more on learning that particular topic to understand and it also have clear evidence when we done reading with the message that author delivered.

In the critical reading skills, there are two common types such as scanning and skimming. Skimming is a process that readers are looking over a text quickly to get a specific piece of information to find more about the book. Scanning is a process that looking over the text quickly to get a general idea of the content. The technique of reading such as survey, question, read, recall, and review.

Note talking is the way of recording some relevant information when we are reading. As students, we should used these technique when our class lecture going on.

Task 4


Structuring is an essentially the connection between ideas in particular argument and the pattern or the method they are being an accessible. Structuring be able to allow a researcher in the direction of identify whether the order of an idea is logical or is the next part of argument related or are there enough notice given. In the way of structuring to be logic the grouping of the ideas must be correct. in a order of ideas is also imperative. A researcher must arrange the point from the most imperative to the least imperative.

The signpost is a process of representative a changes in ideas or argument. There are many types of signpost such as paragraph, sub title, sub heading, references and moreover because it could be easy to capture the message that delivered by author. There are also including some interesting words such as opposite words, concluding phrases and comma mastery which can be used as signpost. Signpost can also become failure when a researcher give a bad introduction, no capital letter spelling and grammatical error, and no space between a new paragraph.

Task 5

Communicating effectively in teams.

Communication means that people communicate to another one. It is also a way to deliver message or get feedback. Effective communication is not only concerning expressing our feelings or transmission our possess messages from corner to corner to the other party. Communication is never a one-sided event, because we also need to listen to what other party has to say.

For example communication tools such as email, sending message service, phone calls, fax or etc. Effective communication will help more in group because we can share all the information and also easy to achieve our target with minimum time.

From my side of view, communication with team are more effective because it will help in our class when the tutorial part going on. These time, normally we make small group and discuss about topic that given by lecture. It will help a lot because we share our point and our opinions to others and then easy to make a proper answer.

Job Description

In the Apple I Company, I was being offered as an Administrative Assistant. This company was organizing to setting up the event management company, whereby they made to manage everything from an event which planning to do finishing of the event. This event was concentrating such as birthday party, wedding, Indian traditional ceremonies’ and etc.

I was undertakes the responsibility of setting up a company event as Administrative Assistant on the 1st October 2012 until 30th November 2012. During that time, I were about 3 wedding and 2 birthday party’s which been successfully. About five events that I did was very accountable to book the venue, decoration parts and ordering parts. I was made a basically part in an event with a stress and tired with the conduct of event.

As a new Administrative Assistant, I challenged to satisfy a few problems to manage that duty that I was held responsible for it. As new worker, I did get any of proper venues to book for the number of people in the event. In this situation, I focused that, there are different types of caterer for the food and the way of make the proper decoration as a team. I never am asked any seniors to help in the duty given to me with the given time frame.

Lesson Learned

As a student, I work without experience and I got the time to challenge how to justify the setting and ideally reading about it. In the working environment is totally different from what I listen in studies as a much more in the working environment.

Firstly, I have knowledge as a worker in group, there must have good communication skills with our dependents and workers. Without making a good communication with a people, may have some problems to achieve its purposes. Secondly, must have a good team work amongst the dependents which is very capable as not everyone is perfect so we have to share their ideas to get information in every essential tool in a group. Thirdly, I was note that how to manage time well. The time management is very important things in whatever we do and as knowledge of work, without proper time management will be stuck and cannot be achieve the aims.

Further, I may not have a working experience and knowledge to manage the event. But there is a question was asked that How to be an Administrative Assistant? What are the tasks of an Administrative Assistant? But now I can said that, I have a working experience and responsibility with all the job and I can make a job easier in anywhere I go.

My Strength and Weakness

In the first week I just start with a happy movement in the organization. In the organization everyone honored with my hard work and I feel like very important person in an organization. After that, I was feeling full of energy day-by-day for few weeks. Then, I started feeling kind of bored as I had to do the same work day in and day out. Furthermore, these organizations are mainly target on few tasks such as booking venue, ordering food and fixed the decoration. In these organizations, I might grow fed up of that work because every day might do same task. For me, I realized that this work may not suitable and I am encourage myself to work with multi-task opportunities in big organizations. It will help me to think and improving myself in additional knowledge in that organization as whole.

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